ATAG double oven range cooker with Teppan Yaki

This 120 cm range cooker from ATAG, the FG1211DA features two ovens, a versatile rangetop with 7 cooking zones and a full width storage drawer. The stainless steel double oven makes any aspiring home cook feel like a top professional chef.

The rangetop has 3 flat, matt black enameled cast iron pan supports and 7 cooking zones, with the range of power wide enough for every imaginable type of cuisine. The stainless steel Teppan Yaki, heated by ceramic elements, offers 2 temperature zones 2.4 kW each. The gas burners include,
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Teppan Yaki by Brandoni

Kucina e Mangia is the new multi functional cooking table from Brandoni, available in round or square shape, and made of walnut-finished laminated beech with integrated AISI 304 stainless steel, electric Teppan Yaki cooktop.

The Cook and Eat Brandoni cooktop features two independent 1.4 kW cooking zones with 12 power levels each, convenient touch controls, safety lock, independent timers, residual heat indicator and adjustable feet. Brandoni.

Introducing TepanDine
Stainless steel cooktop


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