Organic-shaped Wooden Spiraling Staircase

This amazing staircase, designed by Atmos for a London apartment, is the winner of the 2013 UK Wood Award. The staircase is actually part of a bigger wooden structure that creates a room in a room. Tucked in one corner of the bigger room, it seems to grow out of the floor like a giant tree branch, that splits up into smaller branches to for the stairs. The CNC cut layers of wood spiral slightly to create a built-in shelf structure at its lower part, … (read more)

Artistic Wooden Benches by dEEP

This bench has an almost snake-like or dragon-like quality to it, in a very artistic way. It’s always kind of startling to see curved wood, especially done this well. Designed for an office building in Beijing, China – they are the brain child of the local architectural firm, dEEP. Suitable for positioning against the wall, or free standing in the middle of the room, they are made from curved slats. What a neat looking office space this makes. Kind of reminds us of the wooden 3-D dinosaur puzzles. … (read more)

Wooden Christmas Decorations Made from Juniper Tree

These charming Christmas decorations were designed (and handmade) by Romanian artists Zsolt and Réka. Carved from Juniper wood, they are as natural as it gets, treated with only beeswax and linseed oil. Every step is done by hand: design, cutting, polishing. You can be assured you’ve got the most natural tree decoration possible. Aren’t the shapes cute? And the lines in the wood are simply nature at its best. And how apropos – decorating a tree with pieces of a tree, it’s almost a tribute tree. From … (read more)

Imposing Contemporary Wooden Floor Lamp from Roche Bobois

Part of Les Contemporains collection, Accastillage is yet another statement floor lamp from well-known French brand Roche Bobois. Standing on a round stainless steel base, the walnut structure has an organic look. The shape reminds somehow of that of a fishing cane, with the visible red electric cord on which hangs the blown glass lamp shade. The color of the lamp shade is the only variable part of the lamp, and it comes in white or red. With its 205 cm tall, this lamp will dominate … (read more)

Liebherr wine cabinet – three-zone freestanding wine refrigerator

The new Liebherr WS 17800, three-zone freestanding wine cabinet holds 178 bottles and is intended for wine drinkers of all levels. With its beautiful stainless steel surround, the freestanding wine refrigerator stands alone adding an elegant design detail to any dining or recreation room. Ideal for the wine connoisseur who may not have space for a cellar, the third temperature zone allows the perfect beverage storage temperature at 55°F and drinking temperature for whites at 41°F and reds at 64°F. Each zone can be adjusted separately from the other zones to adhere to … (read more)

Plastic or Wooden Furniture? Both, by Pelidesign

The amazing furniture project PlasticNature shows that it’s possible to fuse wood and injection-moulded plastic to create beautiful furniture. The craftsmen at Pelidesign believe that the two worlds “belong together – they are both utilitarian”. Incredibly, “the wooden legs actually ‘flow’ into the seat plank” through the plastic connecting parts. These furniture objects only appear solid – they’re actually clung together plastic and wooden pieces, by the means of a join similar to dovetail. PlasticNature doesn’t just prove the structure is sound, it also shows the aesthetic harmony between the two materials. Awesome furniture! Visit … (read more)