Gorgeous Salvaged Wood Dining Table

Furniture maker ITZ Mayan Wood Furniture created this organic, salvaged wood table that’s the culmination of its specialties – woodwork, custom design, and an eco-conscious approach to furniture design. The Zapote Table is a one-of-a-kind piece, featuring a raw aesthetic showcasing the wood’s natural knots, cracks, and smooth curves shaped by the elements over time. Like all ITZ furnishings, this dining table is made from salvaged trees which fall during hurricanes or forest fires in the Mayan Jungle of southern Quintana Roo in Mexico. Despite its natural roots, … (read more)

Artistic Wooden Benches by dEEP

This bench has an almost snake-like or dragon-like quality to it, in a very artistic way. It’s always kind of startling to see curved wood, especially done this well. Designed for an office building in Beijing, China – they are the brain child of the local architectural firm, dEEP. Suitable for positioning against the wall, or free standing in the middle of the room, they are made from curved slats. What a neat looking office space this makes. Kind of reminds us of the wooden 3-D dinosaur puzzles. … (read more)

Air Tables by Lago Feature the Soul of Wood

When Daniele Lago designed the Air Table, he wanted to create a table that focused on the beauty of old wood while still keeping the table light, contemporary and beautiful. He did this by first custom milling large dimensional lumber that was then bookmatched, glued and clamped together. Keeping the focus on the idiosyncrasies within the wood graining, Daniele paired the tabletop with clear tempered glass panels as a base. The glass panels disappear from view, the tabletop appears to float and the focus remains engrained (pun intended) … (read more)

Morso 2b wood stoves

Morso 2B Standard is a modern wood burning stove, based on 1930s Morso Forest model. The 2B Standard wood stove has the latest combustion technology, greatly reducing smoke emissions to just 4.1 gram per hour. Its air washed glazed door offers a comfortable unobstructed view of the fire and the long, spacious firebox burns wood briquettes and logs up to 18″ long.

The 2B Standard produces up to 35,000 BTU per hour, supplying enough heat to warm up to 1000 sq. ft. at 75% burning efficiency. This radiant heat stove comes with 10 year … (read more)

Woodland Christmas Natural Wood Slice Wreath

What a natural beauty! This one-of-a-kind wreath is made using branches from different woods. The different species of tree and different size branch slices create a stunning effect. The slices are baked to dry them out, then glued to a wreath shape and there you have it – add a funky looking ribbon and hang it on your door. Its a rustic, back to nature Christmas! This piece would look great at the cottage or the chalet – or in the middle of the city for that … (read more)

Wall hanging wood burning stoves by Morso

Deigned in Denmark, the S10-70 is attractive, contemporary stove with a large viewing area. This wall hanging stove certainly makes a stunning statement in your living room while providing up to 5 kW heat output at 84% efficiency. Key design elements include modern convection system, sliding control, air wash system, preheated combustion and secondary air, tertiary air supply and ash tray. In stores for about £1,330.

Designed by Karsten Aagaard, this wall hanging Morso wood burning stove, the 6170 offers timeless style with its clean lines, hidden hinges and great functionality. The stove … (read more)

Organic and Minimalist Solid Wood Furniture by MASHstudios

The organic and minimalist aesthetic of the LAX collection really appeals to us. The lines have purposely been kept so simple to contrast the hustle and bustle of everyday life, to provide a calming effect when you come home and close out the rest of the world. And indeed, it was conceived in the largest city in the United States, and brought to life in the second largest, Los Angeles. And thus the LAX moniker, after the Los Angeles airport. We’ve covered this line of English Walnut furniture(read more)

Tonwerk T-SKY eco2 wood stove

The integrated storage core of the innovative T-SKY eco2 from Tonwerk is made of fire proof ceramics with an excellent heat conductivity. When burning the wood, the storage core absorbs the released energy only to save it and slowly return afterwards.

The combustion chamber offers a beautiful view of the fire and ensures the optimal radiation of the heat into the room. The door handle is installed above the combustion chamber for an easy reach and an ergonomic opening of the stove. The Tonwerk T-SKY eco2 completely uses the energy, reaching … (read more)