Loft Design uses Furnishings as Art

While Jayanti Lal’s Toronto, Canada loft is a study of creativity throughout; it is the laptop station that truly exemplifies the concept of furniture as sculptural forms. All white and no conceivable texture except smooth, the only visual interest is within the shapes themselves – but what shapes! The choice of a Her Chair by Fabio Novembre is a fantastic and controversial sculptural statement taken from a human casting and produced using 3D printing back in 2008 when most people hadn’t even heard of such a thing. … (read more)

Paola Navone Designs White Fairy Tale like Interiors to Present Latest Furniture by Baxter

Showcased at this year’s Maison & Objet in Paris, within an ethereal setting fit for an ice princess, is a series of new furnishings by Baxter within a set called “Scenes d’Interieur”. Designed by Paola Navone, the rooms overall imagery is one of a cold winter’s days, with the furnishings oh so inviting and looking incredibly warm and cozy. The deep tufting within the Diana Chester sofa (made with Nabuck Moon leather) just beckons you forward to curl up in it. Adding to this uber cozy expression is … (read more)

Retro Modern House with Black and White Interior Palette

We love the mix of modern and retro found in the Toronto home of interior designer and architect Stephane Chamard. The warm, eclectic atmosphere comes via classical architecture which is modernized with black paint and funky furnishings. We particularly love this interior because it looks lived in, not just some nondescript space styled for a magazine photo shoot. The home’s predominantly black and white palette boasts flashes of bold color here and there – an orange console table, a red lounge chair, and vibrant artwork … (read more)

Elegant White Porcelain Bowls for Your Tabletop

White bowls are like that little black dress – they go with absolutely everything. The purpose of white in the foodie world is really as a stage, to show off the food. But these gorgeous porcelain bowls from Gompf and Kehrer are refined enough to stand on their own. Made in Germany (isn’t the best porcelain always?) – the indented design gives depth to the pieces. But being white, nothing is busy enough to distract from the glory of the food. See how fantastic the berries look … (read more)

Creating Personality Within a White Apartment

Sometimes it’s the little things that can bring an apartment to life. For example this traditional head board of tufted velvet contained within an ornate wood frame has been given a facelift by simply painting out the wood into a crisp white and then for a little bit of whimsical humor, two word bubbles have been painted with blackboard paint, written on with chalk and then hung above the bed. Imagine how different the decor would look if the Headboard frame was still a dark stain and … (read more)

Urban Contemporary Townhouse with Skylights

Created by interior designer Cecconi Simone for a community of residences in Toronto, Canada, this this model interior is based on the principle of healthy and sustainable interior environments. The model occupies the ground floor of a townhouse, a long and rather narrow rectangular space. The day area is organized lengthwise and occupies the whole left side of the rectangle. The open plan space is divided into cooking area, dining area and sitting area. As the space is very narrow and in order to ensure … (read more)

Chic Small Black and White Apartment in Paris

Challenging on one side, the renovation of this small apartment also offered some obvious solutions to Septembre, the architects in charge. This reconverted industrial space is long and thin, with windows on one side only. Thus the spaces had to be distributed in such a way as for most of the rooms to have natural light. Where this was impossible, interior windows have been created in order to bring the generous light from the living area into the other spaces. The open plan living space … (read more)

White Minimalist Furniture by Ronald Knol: RKNL Collection

Ronald Knol has been designing quality furniture in the Netherlands for six years and has just partnered with a Brooklyn, NY-based manufacturer to make his collections more accessible on the other side of the pond. There are additional motives behind the collaboration – ecological responsibility and contributing to the local economy. We love it! The RKNL Collection is distinguished with soft edges and clean lines – furniture, in the designer’s own words, “you can’t help but touch”. Starting with his X – Dining table, above. Constructed of high-pressure … (read more)