East Meets West in Hybrid Dinnerware Collection by CTRLZAK Studio for Seletti

What a unique idea! Merging East and West in dinner plates, cups, saucers, even platters! But the plates are the thing, that’s where the contrast and harmony really stands out. The East and West meet with a colorful line – one side representing each culture. The Japanese koi, for example, paired with the British castle (above). Just imagine the dinner party table you could set with these dishes. Eclectic or what? But also classic – as the designs are well-known. But combine two cultures in … (read more)

Push Button Travel Mug – West Loop Autoseal Mugs by Contigo (Vacuum Insulated)

Take your favorite beverages to go with these awesome push button travel mugs by Contigo. The West Loop Autoseal Travel Mugs are vacuum-insulated to keep your hot drinks hot for up to four hours, your cold drinks cold for up to 12 hours, and most importantly, to keep them fresh while you’re on the road. The self-sealing lid technology will put an end to accidental spills in the car or in your bag. Just press the Autoseal button to sip, and release it to … (read more)