Solid fuel stoves by Waterford Stanley

Tara solid fuel stove

This medium sized solid fuel stove from Waterford Stanley is one of the most versatile. Tara comes in 3 configurations – for individual room heating, hot water supply, and central heat supply. Durable and efficient, Tara is available in 4 colours to fit in a variety of home decors.

The multi fuel stove burns almost everything solid – anthracite, coal, smokeless fuel, seasoned peat briquettes and dried wood. Should not be used with high moisture content fuels.

The cast iron Tara features easy to use controls, overnight burn capability, … (read more)

Waterford Stanley Oisin oil stove

The Oisin oil stove gives 3.6 kW of heat for your room, keeping it warm in efficient manner. The compact Waterford Stanley oil stove is equipped with barometric damper that stabilises and regulates flue draft to ensure constant heat output.

This oil stove also features a real fire effect behind its heat resistant glass. Comes with rear outlet exit and there is an option for 90° bend is you prefer the vertical flue configuration. Electrical supply is, of course, necessary for the stove to operate. Comes in black, brown and grey metallic colours. Previously, … (read more)

Contemporary pellet stove by Waterford Stanley

This highly efficient contemporary pellet stove offers modulating heat output in the range from 3.2 kW to 9.1 kW. Automatic start up cycle, built-in room thermostat and automatic chimney cleaning cycle make operating and maintaining the Fusion from Waterford Stanley a simple task.

Clean lines and compact design of this modern pellet stove, combined with 81% efficiency, clean burning and automatic control, bring warmth and comfort of wood heating as well as modern minimalist look.

Other key features of Fusion contemporary stove include optional remote control thermostat, 7-day programmer, 2 on/off periods … (read more)