Floral Wall Art Made with CNC Engraved Barn Board

This rustic guest room designed by Kara Paslay Designs is cowboy meets damsel, expressed through an amazing floral wall art feature donning a delicate pattern engraved in a weathered barn-board backdrop. Interior designer Kara and her husband Tim unholstered their high-tech tools once again – and if you love this, you’ve got to see their other projects! Using a CNC machine, they engraved Kara’s computer-generated flower design diagonally across the wall. We love the contrast between old and new, fresh and … (read more)

Loft Design uses Furnishings as Art

While Jayanti Lal’s Toronto, Canada loft is a study of creativity throughout; it is the laptop station that truly exemplifies the concept of furniture as sculptural forms. All white and no conceivable texture except smooth, the only visual interest is within the shapes themselves – but what shapes! The choice of a Her Chair by Fabio Novembre is a fantastic and controversial sculptural statement taken from a human casting and produced using 3D printing back in 2008 when most people hadn’t even heard of such a thing. … (read more)

Legacy Hybrid double deck wall ovens from American Range

American Range pioneered French door wall oven for residential market and now offers three 30″ Legacy Hybrid double deck wall oven models,
– the AROFFHGE-230 French door gas oven and broiler on top & French door electric oven and broiler on bottom
– the AROSSHGE-230 Chef door gas oven and broiler on top & Chef door electric oven and broiler on bottom
– the AROFSHGE-230 French door gas oven and broiler on top & Chef door electric oven and broiler on bottom

The multifunction Legacy Hybrid double deck wall … (read more)

Sirius Booming decorative wall extractor

Another modern model from Sirius collection of the modern wall hoods by Fabrizio Crisa, the Booming is stylish rectangle-shaped decorative wall extractor with 800 m³/h blower, progressive charge 3 speeds + light control panel, a 6 Watt LED strip and anodized aluminium filter. Made from top quality painted stainless steel in RAL colors. Sirius.


Modern wall hoods by Sirius

Designed by Fabrizio Crisa, the SL 90 and SL 91 modern wall hoods will make a bold statement in any contemporary kitchen.

Both hoods, the 55cm wide SL 90 and the 80cm wide SL 91 are equipped with the 3-speed, 900 m³/h modern blower, sliding control switch, 6 Watt LED strip and anodized aluminium grease filter. Made in the highest quality AISI 430 stainless steel and glass. Sirius. Previously, Sirius island range hood.


(read more)

Wall hanging wood burning stoves by Morso

Deigned in Denmark, the S10-70 is attractive, contemporary stove with a large viewing area. This wall hanging stove certainly makes a stunning statement in your living room while providing up to 5 kW heat output at 84% efficiency. Key design elements include modern convection system, sliding control, air wash system, preheated combustion and secondary air, tertiary air supply and ash tray. In stores for about £1,330.

Designed by Karsten Aagaard, this wall hanging Morso wood burning stove, the 6170 offers timeless style with its clean lines, hidden hinges and great functionality. The stove … (read more)

Organic and Minimalist Solid Wood Furniture by MASHstudios

The organic and minimalist aesthetic of the LAX collection really appeals to us. The lines have purposely been kept so simple to contrast the hustle and bustle of everyday life, to provide a calming effect when you come home and close out the rest of the world. And indeed, it was conceived in the largest city in the United States, and brought to life in the second largest, Los Angeles. And thus the LAX moniker, after the Los Angeles airport. We’ve covered this line of English Walnut furniture(read more)

3 Amazing Modern Wall Clocks by Diamantini and Domeniconi

For over 40 years Diamantini&Domeniconi have been manufacturing objects completely made in Italy, by combining the use of industrial technology and the typical “know how” of the hand-crafted production. Over the past seven years, thanks to their collaboration with designers and artists, the Italian company has come up with some amazing wall clock designs. One of these is Back Nature, a laser-cut steel sheet with intricate Baroque style shapes. The design is monochrome, and is available in white, black and ocher. There is a whole fantastic … (read more)