Cooktop vent hoods from AEG-Electrolux

The newest addition to AEG-Electrolux cooktop vent hoods, the D9996-B is stunning black glass and stainless steel designer wall hood that does not just keep the air clean in the kitchen but makes a design statement in its own right. Perfect for a cooktop or a range cooker, this stylish 90cm wide vent hood has touch controls with digital LED display for precise control, a standard extraction rate of 670 m³/h and an intense setting of 770 m³/h. And mindful of modern open-plan living, a noise level of just 61 dBA.

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Hoods and Vents

You can cook without a hood or a vent, but moisture, grease, odors, and heat from cooking on a cooktop can damage the rest of your kitchen.

Also, steam from cooking condenses on windows and walls, and in some cases carbon monoxide from the burning of gas can build up.

A range or cooktop hood or vent will remove most if not all of the above problems.

Hood Styles

Hood choices range from basic ductless wall-mount units, to systems with lights, timers, and easy-clean surfaces.

You can buy hidden slim-line hood designs which … (read more)