Gaggenau new Vario cooling 400 Series

With its lavish LED lighting concept and perfected details, the new Gaggenau Vario cooling 400 Series offers all the benefits of modern storage technology. The 14 cooling appliances in the first Gaggenau modular refrigeration system of fully integrated built-in appliances introduced in 2007 can be combined in countless ways to create a stylish cooling wall. Illuminated by LED lighting, their stainless steel interiors, designed for optimum use of space, are bright and practical. Precision-crafted select materials guarantee the longevity of the appliances. The quietest in their class, practically all models are rated in … (read more)

Gaggenau Vario dishwasher with push-to-open system

Clear lines and lavish surfaces characterize the design of the handle less kitchen, whose cabinets are opened at a touch. This understated design language is matched by the very energy efficient Gaggenau Vario dishwasher DF 460 / 461 with push-to-open system. The dishwasher is completely concealed from view behind the furniture front.

Gaggenau Vario dishwasher, the DF 460 / 461 is the 60cm wide fully integrated dishwasher, available in 2 heights – 81.5cm or 86.5cm for more interior space. Additional models with flexible hinging are available to accommodate longer furniture fronts, wall cabinets or … (read more)

Raclette Vario from Trisa

Trisa, the maker of adorable, candle operated My Raclette, has another cool cooking appliance, the Vario. This raclette has two separately heated, 600 watt each multifunctional plates, ideal for grilling, making crepes, etc.

The Vario opens 180°, so the pans can be comfortably reached by everyone. The raclette is easily taken apart for cleaning. Comes with 8 robust steel non-stick coated raclette pans, 8 plastic spatulas for trouble free removal and non-slip feet. Sells for around 120 CHF. Trisa


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