Samsung Motion Sync all-terrain vacuum cleaner

This Motion Sync vacuum cleaner, the Samsung SC20F70 is designed for easy navigation around your home and the best cleaning results. The elegant and powerful vacuum cleaner features Samsung revolutionary Motion Sync Design and is the most stable canister vacuum on the market. In addition, the SC20F70 is equipped with the innovative CycloneForce Multi technology to maintain great suction rate for maximum cleaning performance.

When compared side by side to your typical vacuum cleaner, the Samsung Motion Sync has a clear advantage. The reason is the swivel design utilized with the new Motion … (read more)

GRONBACH furniture vacuum cleaner

Quite innovative and so much needed, the under furniture vacuum cleaner from GRONBACH is activated by a brief touch with the broom or you foot. This compact, flat vacuum goes under almost every piece of furniture, easy to install and is always ready to use.

The duration of the suction can be adjusted between 5 and 30 seconds. The dirt goes into readily available, anti-allergen certified Swirl vacuum cleaner bags. The filter bag LED indicator tells you when the vacuum cleaner bag is full. Alternatively, with no allergy sufferers in your household, simply … (read more)

5 low-cost vacuum repairs you can do yourself

5 low-cost vacuum repairs you can do yourself

When is a broken vacuum cleaner too old to repair and when is it worth saving? According to Consumer Reports’ latest surveys, upright vacuum cleaners usually aren’t worth fixing after five years and canisters after seven years. But some repairs make sense even on an older vacuum, provided the repair is no more than half of the cost of a comparable new model. Here are five low-cost repairs you can do yourself.
Problem: Vacuum is especially hard to push … (read more)

Neato XV Signature Pro robotic vacuum

The powerful, laser guided Neato XV Signature Pro is equipped with advanced 360 Watt motor and works on all floor types, including tile, vinyl, carpet and wood. The Neato robotic vacuum cleaner comes with 2 high performance Pet and Allergy filters that retain more than 3 times the amount of fine dust and allergen particles as standard filters.

Neato XV Signature Pro features likely the strongest suction power, available in a robot vacuum today. Its laser navigation system has Smart Sensor technology, allowing Neato XV Signature Pro to go automatically from room to … (read more)

VAX Air Mini cylinder vacuum cleaner

Available in 3 models, the orange C88-AM-B, the blue C88-AM-P Pet and the red C87-AM-T Total Home, the cylinder VAX Air Mini is a bagless vacuum cleaner for smaller homes and apartments.

The compact VAX Air Mini comes equipped with the multi-cyclonic technology to provide constant, powerful suction, 2-litre dust capacity, stainless steel telescopic tube, long hose and cable. In addition, it weighs just around 5 kg.

The C88-AM-B and the C87-AM-T Total Home Air Mini vacuums feature HEPA Media filter that traps dirt, dust, and pollens. The C88-AM-B has a combination floor … (read more)

Honda Odyssey’s onboard vacuum cleans up

Honda Odyssey’s onboard vacuum cleans up

Paying about $ 45,000 for the top-level Honda Odyssey EX-L Touring Elite minivan buys you a 12-speaker sound system and other features you might expect, plus one you might not—a canister vacuum that’s hardwired to the vehicle. Made by Shop-Vac, it includes a 16-foot hose and tools, and it runs for eight minutes off the Odyssey’s car battery—or as long as you like while the engine is running.

The Honda Odyssey is a winner in our tests but is the built-in vacuum … (read more)

Hitachi vacuum cleaner with multiangle cleaning head

A compact cyclone vacuum with high suction power, the new Hitachi vacuum cleaner CV-SU23V has a wireless infrared remote control system which makes it possible to adjust the power setting via the hand grip. The vacuum features Hitachi remarkable multiangle cleaning head, which rotates vertically at 90° either side and fits into narrow gaps and openings between furniture pieces, enabling you to vacuum dust quickly and thoroughly. The unique head also saves you the effort to move furniture further away from the walls.

The powerful 2.3 kW vacuum comes with easy to clean dust … (read more)

Dyson DC50 – Dyson smallest upright vacuum cleaner

The bagless DC50 vacuum from Dyson weighs just under 12 pounds and performs like a full size Dyson upright vacuum. And like the Dyson DC25 and DC24 All Floor cleaners, the Dyson DC50 Multi Floor Complete is an upright vacuum cleaner designed for every floor type.

The DC50 Multi Floor Complete Dyson brings 4 key cleaner head technologies, making it the most advanced vacuum yet. The result is markedly increased dirt pick-up across all floor surfaces as the cleaner head adjusts automatically to different floor types, and the brush bar contains carbon … (read more)