Loft Design uses Furnishings as Art

While Jayanti Lal’s Toronto, Canada loft is a study of creativity throughout; it is the laptop station that truly exemplifies the concept of furniture as sculptural forms. All white and no conceivable texture except smooth, the only visual interest is within the shapes themselves – but what shapes! The choice of a Her Chair by Fabio Novembre is a fantastic and controversial sculptural statement taken from a human casting and produced using 3D printing back in 2008 when most people hadn’t even heard of such a thing. … (read more)

Frecan Coanda range hood uses aerodynamics effects

The new Coanda is the latest addition to the Frecan wall hood collection, characterized by beautiful futuristic shape and advanced perimeter extraction, featuring unique aerodynamic design which utilizes both, the Venturi and the Coanda effects to create top rated, efficient suction. The hood works in recirculated mode, using an activated carbon filtering system and a removable container for fats and oils for easier cleaning.

Developed by Frecan in collaboration with the European Institute of Design, the hood uses Coanda effect similar to these Gaggenau range hoods. By adding the Venturi effect, … (read more)