Portable Balcony BBQ is Hot for Urban Grilling

Have you ever lived in an apartment and smelled someone barbequing down the street and wished you could do that? Well, now you can! This grill is easily attached to a balcony rail, or even to the wall. And it leaves plenty of space on the deck for your guests! Urban living is great, but you often don’t have the ability to have friends over for a charcoal-seared steak or grilled veggies. And did we mention that it’s portable? So you can take it over to your neighbors’ … (read more)

Solar Clothespins Light Up Urban Nights

Designers Idan Noyberg and Gal Bulka came up with a way to make doing laundry festive – and it doesn’t use any electricity. Solar powered clothespins emit soft romantic colored lights at night,using the power they grabbed from the sun during the day. There’s an LED light, a night sensor, a battery pack and two solar panels on each clothespin. The solar technology today is so advanced and so affordable. Can you imagine if a whole neighborhood got together and bought a couple of case lots? What a charming way that would be to illuminate … (read more)

Urban Contemporary Townhouse with Skylights

Created by interior designer Cecconi Simone for a community of residences in Toronto, Canada, this this model interior is based on the principle of healthy and sustainable interior environments. The model occupies the ground floor of a townhouse, a long and rather narrow rectangular space. The day area is organized lengthwise and occupies the whole left side of the rectangle. The open plan space is divided into cooking area, dining area and sitting area. As the space is very narrow and in order to ensure … (read more)

Cool Basement Apartment with Gorgeous Urban Design

This gorgeous Swedish apartment is a great example of how to transform an urban basement into a beautiful and original living space. This space of more than 200 square meters is set in the basement of a beginning of the 20th century building. The designers did an outstanding job in transforming it into a big apartment with great design and functional layout. The apartment has two entrances, the main one and a secondary one from the small garden that comes with it. The circulation into … (read more)

Exterior Like Interiors: Cozy Urban Home in Sao Paolo

We love the innovative, outdoor vibe of this unusual “inside out” house designed by Brazil’s Terra e Tuma Arquitetos Associados. Maracana House located in Sao Paolo’s urban jungle puts what are typically considered to be exterior elements indoors, like exposed brick walls and a balcony overhead. The main living area is a two-storey space featuring an open layout and enclosed in this light colored brick, overlooked by a curious loft area with a casual, industrial appeal. The upper tier and the staircase leading up to it … (read more)