Single serve coffee brewer by Touch Coffee & Beverages

While single serve coffee systems continue to gain popularity, there have always been drawbacks – weak coffee, the ability to brew only a small cup at a time, and most notably, flawed coffee capsule designs and water heating systems. Touch Coffee & Beverages is re-inventing the single serve coffee platform with the release of its ground-breaking Touch T414S brewer and re-engineered capsules. The easy-to-use system brews superior tasting, coffee shop-quality coffee in significantly less time than current machines.

According to the National Coffee Association USA, the brewing water temperature for a good cup … (read more)

Impressa A5 One Touch automatic coffee machine

The Impressa A5 One Touch is the most compact, thin automatic coffee machine by Jura, and the first one in the entirely new Impressa ‘A’ line. The design features angular shapes and top quality materials for a great appearance on your counter top. The A5 comes with 3-millimeter thick aluminum side panels, sleek chrome plated vents and a piano black front. This compact bean-to-cup automatic coffee machine measures 24 centimeters wide and 32 centimeters high.

You can have one cup or two side by side of the excellent coffee at the touch of … (read more)

Jura Impressa Z9 One Touch TFT espresso machine

The Swiss made Jura Impressa Z9 One Touch TFT combines user friendly operation and precise craftsmanship with captivating design, preparing cafe house coffee quality right in your kitchen. The elegant automatic specialty coffee machine features high-resolution 3.5″ TFT color display, allowing you to make espresso, coffee, latte macchiato, cappuccino or other specialties.

The modern frother technology prepares milk foam of unprecedented quality with a creamy consistency and a subtle sweetness. The frother has 2 separate chambers in which the milk is frothed twice. Any air bubbles will burst, compacting the foam and making it … (read more)

Kenwood Blanc breakfast collection

The Blanc Collection by Kenwood offers functional and sophisticated breakfast appliances, made of high quality, white premium plastics. Elegant eco friendly design, rounded contours, precise controls and patented brewing technology are sure to enhance your everyday breakfast experience. This direct serve citrus juicer, the JE370 features chrome base, non-drip spout for clean, easy pouring and space-saving design, ideal for smaller kitchens. With this Kenwood juicer , you can squeeze all types and sizes of citrus fruits, including grapefruit. The white CM300 coffee maker from Kenwood Blanc breakfast collection comes with ThermoGen heating system, … (read more)

AGA range with five ovens

Good things come in big packages and that is certainly true when it comes to cooking. If you like the AGA range with four ovens but it isn’t enough, you can now get for the first time ever an AGA cooker with five ovens. Want even more? With the addition of a module this new AGA range can have up to seven ovens. And thanks to the new AGA in-room venting technology, an AGA cooker can now sit anywhere in the kitchen, even within an island. The new launch follows hot on the heels of the runaway success of the first ever on/off AGA cooker, AGA Total Control and the remotely operable AGA iTotal Control . The addition of five-oven ranges means there truly is an AGA cooker for everyone. These new ranges are the result of many years research, and simple controls allow you to choose which part of the cooker is on, ensuring no energy is used unnecessarily and that delicious AGA food is available at the touch of a button. The 5-oven range cookers are ideal for passionate cooks, those with a large kitchen, owners of 4-oven AGA cookers who wish to replace their existing cooker, as they occupy the same footprint, or anyone who loves the versatility of a larger AGA cooker. The five ovens are Roasting, Baking, Warming, Simmering and Slow Cooking. The exciting addition of a slow cooking oven makes this new range is perfect for those with a large family or anyone who simply loves to cook. The slow cooking oven is ideal for dishes such as shoulder or leg of lamb, steamed puddings, casseroles and stocks. The slow cooking oven and the warming oven operate together via a switch on the cooker. And as well as the two hotplates, there is a useful warming plate. The roasting oven, baking oven and simmering oven can be operated independently of each other, as can each of the two hotplates. These can also be controlled via a remote control, the integral touch-screen panel or – in the case of iTotal Control model – with a PC or tablet or via a mobile phone using text or the AGA app. The all new 5-oven AGA Total Control and 5-oven AGA iTotal Control are available in 11 colours and prices start at £11,895. … (read more)