Textural Concrete Tiles with Relief Motifs

A triangular motif, the Florentine tile is a Mercedesz Nagy design and is based on medieval architectural ornamentation used in monastery cloisters. The tetragonal, half opened florets where originally designed for meditative and contemplative purposes. Mercedesz multiplied the pattern and filled the surrounding negative spaces with asymmetrical rhombs that create a smooth transition to each Florentine while also adding in an extra layer of geometry. Each Florentine tile is 25.5×29.5×8.2cm for a bold yet subtle wall cladding.

Designed by Akos Horvath, … (read more)

Colored Concrete Tile: Flaster from Ivanka

Here’s a cool new twist on tile – Flaster colored concrete tile from Ivanka Concrete Works will brighten up any home. These vibrant tiles feature a traditional floral motif splashed up in a range of hot hues, including black, grey, brown, sand, terra-cotta, blue, anthracite, core, lilac, brown, white, red, green and pink, or have a custom color made to suit your space. But it’s not just this rainbow that will catch your attention. These tiles are like a puzzle, featuring different shapes which can be pieced … (read more)