Tile Envy Edited by Deborah Osburn

Introduced and curated by tile maker and clé founder, Deborah Osburn, Tile Envy is an exploration of international hand crafted tile design. There are 48 contemporary designers and artisans profiled with detailed photography of tiles created in a multitude of materials including ceramic, cement, stone, glass, wood, and steel.

The first 3 chapters focus on Illustration, Texture, and Pattern. The final chapter, Art and Architecture, includes innovative ways tiles have been used to define spaces and create sculptural urban influenced art. The methods for producing tiles are as varied as the makers. … (read more)

Sea Glass mosaic tile

New Ravenna is proud to introduce Sea Glass designed by Sara Baldwin. The collection consists of 8 mosaic designs hand crafted with Sea Glass. The lyrical patterns are available in multiple colorways of tones inspired by nature.

The mosaics have been hand cut and assembled by artisans on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Inspired by her walks on the Eastern shore, Baldwin discovered a way to replicate the silky smooth glass she finds along the beach.

Every Sea Glass mosaic is a custom creation, sized to fit each installation. The designs … (read more)

clé 17th Century tile collection

clé introduces the 17th Century tile collection, designed by Deborah Osburn for Tilevera. The collection of 12″ x 12″ limestone tile was inspired by 17th century delftware that had its origins in China and made its way across Europe. Tilevera honors the classic combinations of blue and white, yellow and magenta while bringing delft into the 21st century.

quatrefoil in magenta

Osburn has expanded the original delftware colors to a modern palette of pink, grey, green, teal and persimmon. Each 12″ x 12″ limestone tile is either hand painted or hand lithographed … (read more)

Postcards From Myself encaustic cement tile collection by Ruan Hoffmann

This new encaustic cement tile collection, named Postcards From Myself, is designed by South African artist Ruan Hoffmann, an internationally exhibited painter who uses ceramic as his canvas, and brought to you by clé. Postcards From Myself consists of 25 designs, each hand lithographed on an 8″ square encaustic cement tile. This is the second tile collection by Hoffmann for clé, though the first in the historic tradition of using 4 tiles to complete each pattern.

The collection was inspired by Hoffmann travels around the world. Hoffmann started the design process by painting … (read more)

Malachite limestone tile by Tilevera

Likely is the oldest shades of green, Malachite is the mineral based pigment, found in Egyptian tomb paintings from the Fourth dynasty. The Malachite limestone tile from Tilevera for clé reproduces this aristocratic green favored by royalty. Either hand painted or lithographed, these unique limestone tiles give you amazing range of various shades of green. The Malachite limestone tiles are available in 12″x12″ squares and suitable for kitchen and bathroom walls and floors. clé tile. Tilevera.


(read more)

Colored Concrete Tile: Flaster from Ivanka

Here’s a cool new twist on tile – Flaster colored concrete tile from Ivanka Concrete Works will brighten up any home. These vibrant tiles feature a traditional floral motif splashed up in a range of hot hues, including black, grey, brown, sand, terra-cotta, blue, anthracite, core, lilac, brown, white, red, green and pink, or have a custom color made to suit your space. But it’s not just this rainbow that will catch your attention. These tiles are like a puzzle, featuring different shapes which can be pieced … (read more)

Contura Swedish tile stoves with modern technology

The Contura traditional Swedish stoves go back to the dawn of 18th century when shortage of wood suitable for burning triggered an energy crisis, forcing Swedes to come up with the imposing slow burning stoves, capable of heating large living spaces with high efficient wood burning and relatively low heat output. Today, Contura tiled stoves combine traditional design with modern technology, keeping warm living spaces up to 90m², while yielding no more than 4.0 kW at 87% efficiency.

Contura stoves come in many sizes and styles, and whether you choose a modern or … (read more)

Capri modular cooking systems by J. Corradi

If these professional ovens by J. Corradi look a bit too nostalgic for you, as does this vintage fridge, we certainly hope the company contemporary Capri line of modular cooking systems is more to your liking. Designed to create a focal point in your house for the most unforgettable moments either indoors or outdoors, these versatile modular cooktops bring a restaurant quality cooker in your home or in your garden. You built the cooking system to your preference, you pay and get it delivered. Later, this open system can be further … (read more)