Tabletop Team Games: Miniature Furniture as Building Blocks

Wikipedia tells us that, in ancient Rome, “the Latin word ludus (plural ludi) has several meanings: play, game, sport, training.” An appropriate name for Spanish firm Pico Pao to choose for their newest line of table top games: featuring miniature furniture (and ladders). We’ve featured three of this collection: Los Taburetes (The Stools), Las Sillas (The Chairs) and Las Escalares (The Ladders). Each set has its own appeal and design challenges! The finished products, temporary as they are, become sculptural works of art. These games have no rules … (read more)

Elegant White Porcelain Bowls for Your Tabletop

White bowls are like that little black dress – they go with absolutely everything. The purpose of white in the foodie world is really as a stage, to show off the food. But these gorgeous porcelain bowls from Gompf and Kehrer are refined enough to stand on their own. Made in Germany (isn’t the best porcelain always?) – the indented design gives depth to the pieces. But being white, nothing is busy enough to distract from the glory of the food. See how fantastic the berries look … (read more)

Silverline Apollo Premium tabletop vent hood

The new Silverline Apollo Premium is an advanced tabletop vent that is specifically designed for open plan kitchens with unobstructed lines and views, where a conventional extractor hood is not the best option. This vent hood retracts completely into the tabletop at the push of a button. You can only see the stainless steel frame with a facet finish and a black, tempered glass plate, that fits harmoniously with black ceramic stove tops.

The quiet 90cm wide Silverline Apollo Premium features a friendly 4-level LED control panel, integrated into the black glass surface. … (read more)

Christmas Tabletop: Color Inspirations

Please check out our Colorful Christmas Tabletop Decor Ideas at the Dining and Entertaining section …


Colorful Christmas Tabletop Decor Ideas: white, red, purple and teal

Color is a great way to bring some fabulous festive flair to your tabletop this holiday season. As the focal point of your holiday home, the table will be the center of attention; the hotspot for guests when they arrive and the place where they linger over cocktails and conversation after a great meal. Create a memorable tabletop that they will want to sit at (and admire!) until next Christmas rolls around. Whether you are drawn to more traditional hues like red and white, or have a more modern vision of sugarplum-inspired purples and … (read more)