Uneven Edge Dining Table by Riflessi

A living edge table with a sleek appearance seems almost unachievable, but Riflessi has managed to do just that with its “Living” table. A smooth oak plank top, 25mm thick with a slight (and natural) irregularity to the peeled edge mounted on a cross base of graphite, taupe, white or corten finished steel. This combination of organic wood details on a geometric steel base presents a sleek and modern profile that marries the warm and cold as well as the natural and the man made for a final … (read more)

Soft Leather Coffee Table by Finne Architects

The MYK coffee table is both a soft and visceral focal point to any room and a multi purpose table, seat or leg support. The playful organic shape to MYK is an awesome artistic example of a sculptural form with a purpose. The word “myk” in Norwegian means “soft” and with a construction of leather wrapped foam; the MYK table is certainly that.

With a steel base that lifts the leather volumes above the floor by 10″, the forms appear to … (read more)

Wood Table in Weathered Colors: Funky DIY Idea

What a great DIY project: this table screams Summer! And it should be pretty easy to wrap up in a weekend as it’s a basic picnic table style with two benches. The fun part will be the staining! We found it in the house of Chile’s Juan Pablo Merino – but you can do this easily at home with a little patience and a few screws. Plus some wood and stain, of course.The table – and benches for that matter – are simple square ends, with a top … (read more)

Clever Side Table Lamp Combo by Martinelli Luce: Clochard

What a clever idea – a table and lamp built to lean against the wall. It’s perfect for the front entry, a place where you can drop your keys, your mail, your pocket change. The “Clochard” by Marinelli Luce is designed around a hooked cane as its support. And while the name Clochard is indeed French for tramp, it evokes images of a top hat and tails for us. It’s lightweight and portable, making it super easy to move around. And the light function simply plugs into a … (read more)

Tikin Table built with Hurricane Salvaged Tropical Woods

While all of Itz Mayan Wood Furniture is created from tropical woods salvaged after hurricanes and forest fires, what makes the Tikin Table – designed by Ania Wolowska, extra special is its shape. The curvilinear yet triangular tabletop takes its inspiration from surfboards and represents the aerodynamic form, rounded edges and perfect detailing from the boards themselves. While surfboards are fiberglass, these tables most certainly are not. Made from precious tropical woods such as Machiche (Black Cabbagebark), Katalox (Mexican Ebony), Granadillo, and Ziricote (Cordia dodecandra) all salvaged from … (read more)

Gorgeous Salvaged Wood Dining Table

Furniture maker ITZ Mayan Wood Furniture created this organic, salvaged wood table that’s the culmination of its specialties – woodwork, custom design, and an eco-conscious approach to furniture design. The Zapote Table is a one-of-a-kind piece, featuring a raw aesthetic showcasing the wood’s natural knots, cracks, and smooth curves shaped by the elements over time. Like all ITZ furnishings, this dining table is made from salvaged trees which fall during hurricanes or forest fires in the Mayan Jungle of southern Quintana Roo in Mexico. Despite its natural roots, … (read more)

Air Tables by Lago Feature the Soul of Wood

When Daniele Lago designed the Air Table, he wanted to create a table that focused on the beauty of old wood while still keeping the table light, contemporary and beautiful. He did this by first custom milling large dimensional lumber that was then bookmatched, glued and clamped together. Keeping the focus on the idiosyncrasies within the wood graining, Daniele paired the tabletop with clear tempered glass panels as a base. The glass panels disappear from view, the tabletop appears to float and the focus remains engrained (pun intended) … (read more)

Blom Table Lamp by Sander Bakker

Inspired by the natural growth of flowers, the Blom table lamp is a modern light design that glows with an organic fluidity of delicate petals wrapping around and around in overlaying rows of soft white shapes that create a pattern of light and shade through the translucence of the petals. The base incorporates a grain pattern to further enhance the organic appeal of Blom and the 3 legs are as though there are 3 stems with merging flowers. As an interesting contrast to this imagery is the brightly … (read more)