GE Café refrigerator with Keurig K-Cup Brewing System

No matter how you prefer your cup of coffee, there’s no denying the single-serve brewing trend is piping-hot. According to a 2014 National Coffee Association coffee drinking trends survey, 29% of respondents who drank coffee said they used a single-cup brewer, up nearly 50% from the previous year. Brewing at home is about to become even more appealing as GE introduces an industry first: the GE Café Series refrigerator with Keurig K-Cup Brewing System.

GE’s new refrigerator technology, an evolution of its Cafe French door refrigerator unique hot water dispenser, paired … (read more)

Gaggenau Vario dishwasher with push-to-open system

Clear lines and lavish surfaces characterize the design of the handle less kitchen, whose cabinets are opened at a touch. This understated design language is matched by the very energy efficient Gaggenau Vario dishwasher DF 460 / 461 with push-to-open system. The dishwasher is completely concealed from view behind the furniture front.

Gaggenau Vario dishwasher, the DF 460 / 461 is the 60cm wide fully integrated dishwasher, available in 2 heights – 81.5cm or 86.5cm for more interior space. Additional models with flexible hinging are available to accommodate longer furniture fronts, wall cabinets or … (read more)

Jenn Air Accolade downdraft ventilation system

It takes a while for US appliance makers to catch up with the latest Euro design trends, but when they do, they often do an excellent job, and performance wise, exceed the best European manufacturers have to offer. The Jenn Air Accolade, the JXD7836BS telescopic arc-shaped ventilation system meets this description.

With its curved, sculptural profile, designed to place ventilation power as near as possible to the cooking source, Jenn Air Accolade, at least design wise, is the closest downdraft ventilation system to the unforgettable Gutmann Futura, which was introduced in 2007. … (read more)

Skantherm Elements Stove System

Designed by Professor Wulf Schneider, the unique and incredibly versatile Elements Stove System from Skantherm consists of only 3 elements. Using a special magnetic technology, you can create an endless number of upright or horizontal layouts to suit your available space and taste, positioning 2 elements of different widths which are opened at one side, above, below or at the sides of the 5.0 kW combustion chamber. In addition, the combustion chamber is optionally available with a 180° turning device, so you can use Elements Stove System as a room partition. And for a … (read more)

Electrolux Sous Vide cooking system

The aspiring home chefs will soon be able to achieve restaurant quality flavors and tastes with the help of a professional Sous Vide cooking technique. The new built-in Electrolux combi-steam oven and vacuum sealer will facilitate at-home Sous Vide cooking – a steam cooking technique, widely used for the preparation of food in some of the best restaurants around the world.

The new Electrolux combi steam oven and vacuum sealing drawer are expected in European stores within several weeks. Sous Vide cooking is essentially a 2-part process. Dishes are vacuum sealed, then being … (read more)

Frecan Paradigma System – innovative modular ceiling vent hoods

The new Paradigma System by Frecan is the industry first modular suction system, developed to simply go unnoticed and stay that way in the kitchen ceiling – thanks to its compactness and ceiling light like aesthetics. The 4-speed perimeter aspiration System allows you to design a beautiful ceiling decor, creating a very functional yet completely unobtrusive light / suction layout.

You can install up to 4 modular ceiling vent hoods with 600 m³/h suction rate each, giving you an incredible 2,400 m³/h in total extraction power. Similar to Frecan Coanda range hood, … (read more)

Logica Kitchen System by Valcucine

You can’t argue with logic, and that is one thing the New Logica Kitchen System by Italian kitchen company Valcucine has got plenty of. You’ve heard the term “kitchen triangle,” which puts the sink, stove and fridge within steps of each other for efficiency’s sake. Well, the New Logica Kitchen transforms that organized shape into a multi-sided system incorporating the sink, stove, fridge, countertop, pantry, storage, island, power outlets, equipment and more, all within easy reach! This state-of-the-art kitchen features a fully equipped wall unit which includes … (read more)

New Dualit coffee system

Ready to go in just 40 seconds with 3 serving options, the new Dualit coffee system provides you with both caffeine kick and top quality coffee taste. You can have your ground beans in single and dual serves as well as mess free ESE Pods. The pods comes in 4 flavours and a decaf.

This Dualit coffee maker features a thermobloc heating system for an instant access to hot water and steam instantly. Your drink also instantly cools from steaming to optimum coffee temperature. In addition, the coffee system comes with milk froth … (read more)