Suspended Chimeneas Articulare is Fireplace Magic

Designed by Belen Moneo Feduchi for Chimeneas in Barcelona, Spain, the Articulare Fireplace is a stunning example of minimalist design. A clean and simple flu, suspended from a ceiling, widens its stack as it nears the point of the fire zone. When not in use the “mouth” of the fireplace can remain open or close up tight. At only 70Wx240Hx56.6L cm, the fireplace boasts a sleek and narrow profile so as not to take up much needed floor space. Not that it actually takes up any space on … (read more)

Super Cool Suspended Bedroom Creatively Maximizes 50m2 Apartment

The Chez Valentin Apartment in Montrouge, France is pretty small at only 50 m2 but the condo owner still wanted to have an impendent bedroom somewhere in the space. Emmanuel Combarel Dominique Marrec Architects met the challenge by suspending a white cube from the ceiling to create a completely separate and independent bedroom within the open space below. Centrally located, the bedroom acts as a room divider between the dining area and the living area. Made of a metallic structure, covered with wooden panels, the cube as … (read more)

Suspended Bathtub by Splinter Works Floats on Air

Wow – is this a bathtub or a hammock? It’s a bathtub inspired by a hammock! “Vessel” is a sleek design with impressive curves – and looks like it would be heaven to slide into. It seems to float on air, but it is supported by stainless brackets that can be exposed or hidden. Made from carbon fiber, the curves that Splinter Works has managed to build into this piece are amazing. And it’s insulated, to keep your tub warm longer. And check out that floor faucet! The … (read more)

Suspended Kitchen Skyline 2.0 by Snaidero

When it comes to Snaidero kitchens, the first words that come to mind to describe them are design, functionality and comfort. Skyline is designed to adapt to the body movements and to facilitate them. Its main defining features are shaped worktops and areas and glass shelves equipped with built-in lighting. Like other compact designs from Snaidero, this model aims to eliminate the superfluous and to optimize functionality. The storage spaces are perfectly rationalized in order for one to have everything at hand, with minimum … (read more)

Suspended Stair Design by 123DV in dark wood and white frame

We like the simple look of this modern contemporary suspended stair by 123DV. Dark wood is in fine harmony with the white open enclosure. You couldn’t even tell right away that it’s not touching the floor. Check this other suspended staircase design, enclosed but even more minimal.

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