Classical Columns and Naked Concrete Walls Mix in Stylish NY Loft

New York City is the place to be for creative, contemporary loft interiors, and lucky for NYC this beautiful apartment by Axis Mundi happens to be on Manhattan’s Bond Street. This eclectic living space features an intriguing mix of modernism and luxury. Earthy textured wall tiles and contemporary art are seen between the classical Romanesque columns, summing up this interior’s assorted style. Window walls invite light and the lively city skyline inside, by day and night.

Contemporary … (read more)

Stylish Sospesa Rain Shower by Ponsi

The Sospesa rain shower is a “Made in Tuscany” masterpiece of stylish form whose silhouette is closer to that of a contemporary light fixture then that of a rain shower. As with most large ceiling pendants, 3 slender steel wires suspend the rain shower from the ceiling and a flexible cable – or in this case water supply pipe – curves gracefully up to the ceiling between the cables.

With a thin surround of 4mm thickness, the silhouette is elegantly refined, … (read more)

Cocoon Beach offers Stylish Outdoor Lounging

Cocoon Tree has created the orb shaped Cocoon Beach as the perfect place to lounge around on a warm sunny day whether beach side, poolside or even in a pastured landscape. Built with a high density T6 aluminum framework that is then woven with waterproof straw and synthetic wire, the sphere comes with two foam mattresses covered with Sunbrella water resistant fabric and two sets of curtains – a blackout inner curtain and a light tulle outer curtain.

At 7.2ft or … (read more)

Stylish Renovation of a Victorian House

For the renovation of this Victorian family home, Venn Architects decided to create a sympathetic contrast that would emphasize the distinction between the property’s heritage and the new elements that came to update it. The clever use of light, the angles and the spatial division give a layered feel to the inside. The central stairwell dominated the space in a dramatic statement. Though imposing in size and made of metal, it looks light and airy thanks to the empty spaces between the steps which let … (read more)