Couch and Stairs Combined in Flowing Style

What a striking design – to put the stairs and the sofa in line like this. There’s a magnificent flow in the room and coming down the stairs. Dutch architect firm 8A built this as a ‘pied a terre’ in the Netherlands for a Dutch family that is living in Paris. Without a lot of space, they had to be creative and maximize what they could without sacrificing style. Notice how the landing near the bottom of the stairs is the same height as the sofa, drawing … (read more)

Christmas in Scandinavia: Emma Persson Lagerberg Style

Emma Persson Lagerberg is an interior stylist with a lot of style, we think. Don’t you just love the wooden block Christmas tree? And how clever to offset it with live Hyacinth, blooming, albeit uprooted. And the fern card on the mantle has corresponding roots! Her casual sense – she seems to scatter items – is anything but casual. There’s a place for everything, and everything in its place. Note the skull on the mantle (top left), the keys strategically placed. She has her signatures and things … (read more)

Loft Style Children’s Room

Russian designer Elena Skutova has created a very special atmosphere in this relatively small boy’s room. Designed for two brothers, the room is playful with many elements inspired from nature. The bunk bed in white stained wood is built in the shape of a tree house, with a roof and wooden access ladder. The bottom bed is turned in the opposite direction to the top one because of the reduced height between the two. From a material perspective, the room is treated like … (read more)

Michael Graves toaster is all style, some substance

Michael Graves toaster is all style, some substance

The Michael Graves Design KT-3390 two-slice toaster, sold exclusively at JCPenney, is one of the niftiest models we’ve seen in years, with its bread-shaped housing and shiny stainless-steel construction. But does it live up to the claim of being "ready to brown your bread to perfection every time." Not quite. But it’s not a total triumph of form over function.

We put the Michael Graves model through the same exacting tests required of all models in our toaster … (read more)

Eclectic Style Interiors Done Right – by Rebecca Leivars

Combining multiple design aesthetics into one cohesive package takes planning and a good eye, which is something Rebecca Leivars, a British Interior Designer, definitely has. Her ability to layer in multiple styles into a singular scheme without any one style dominating the other is not easy to do. Here she has taken the house’s naturally rustic fireplace and juxtaposed it against a contemporary version of a claw foot tub. The wood burning stove housed within the fireplace is reminiscent of the days when water had to be … (read more)

Brilliant Furniture Collection by Alivar Comes with Beautiful Details

We’ve always liked Alivar’s modern contemporary furniture but now they’ve come up with the new collection aptly named Brilliant. And it is a brilliant — and cool looking — line, the latest and most elegant interpretation of the true contemporary style. Mixing and matching pieces from within the collection – the effects are simply stunning. When you have one piece with such style and presence, you have a showpiece but when you mix and match — your own sense of style and taste emerges. And you can rest … (read more)

Kuppersbusch American Style refrigerator

Offering every advantage of a large, side-by-side fridge freezer, the 84 cm wide stainless American Style refrigerator from Kuppersbusch has precise architectural lines and rectangular handles, giving a clean, almost severe look to your modern kitchen. The freestanding KE 9700-0-2TZ provides 550 liters in net capacity and with its smartly designed interior, makes food storage a simple and predictable task.

The easily accessible, 154-liter double drawer freezer ensures straight forward and trouble free storage of frozen food. You can freeze 13.5 kg of fresh food in 24 hours in this Kuppersbusch American Style refrigerator, … (read more)

New Vintage Style City Apartment with Checker Flooring

This apartment, located in an old industrial bakery in London, has been ingeniously reconfigured by Russian for Fish Architects in order to suit the lifestyle of a young, dynamic couple. The initial layout of the apartment consisted of open kitchen, dining and living area on the ground, with the bathroom as the only closed space; the bedroom consisted of a raised sleeping platform. Because the only source of natural light was at the front of the apartment, the kitchen and living area were initially installed … (read more)