East Meets West in Hybrid Dinnerware Collection by CTRLZAK Studio for Seletti

What a unique idea! Merging East and West in dinner plates, cups, saucers, even platters! But the plates are the thing, that’s where the contrast and harmony really stands out. The East and West meet with a colorful line – one side representing each culture. The Japanese koi, for example, paired with the British castle (above). Just imagine the dinner party table you could set with these dishes. Eclectic or what? But also classic – as the designs are well-known. But combine two cultures in … (read more)

Corliss Chair by Studio Dunn: Smooth Joint of Wood, Aluminum

What a funky chair – aluminum back and wooden seat and legs. A marriage that was waiting to happen! Tung and linseed-oiled maple meets powder-coated cast aluminum in this charming chair, suitable for most any room in the house. They’d look great at the kitchen table, in the dining room or use it as an office chair. An assortment of colors are available off the rack (so to speak): black, white, chardonnay, blue, red, and malbec. Or choose your own color and wood species in a custom chair. … (read more)

Wood and Concrete Studio Mixes Old, New and Borrowed

The office and home of the Ganna Studio designers in Taipei, Taiwan is a great example of how to “marry” different materials, how to combine the old with the new and how to borrow design elements. They are not afraid to use, in a very limited space, such contrasting materials as wood, concrete, glossy glass, marble and fabric. The end result is quite daring and every room has a very strong personality! The old, represented here by the herringbone pattern of the floor and the … (read more)