Modular Stack stoves


This modern reinterpretation of a traditional wood stove, the customizable modular Stack stove is the fruit of collaboration between La Castellamonte and Adriano Design. The basic goal was to create a very efficient, contemporary scalable stove that fits living spaces and requirements of eco and design conscious European consumer.

The modular Stack stoves are available in Cubistack, Roundstack, Cookinstack, Ministack and Thermostack models with several variations. Previously, La Castellamonte tiled wood stoves.





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La Castellamonte tiled wood stoves

The classic, tiled wood stoves from La Castellamonte are available in 12 wood burning and 2 pellet models. The ceramic tiles can be finished in 32 colours, allowing you to match the decor of any room you wish to place the new tiled wood stove in.

You can heat up to 460 cubic meters with some models, while others are more suitable for smaller spaces. Several stoves can be configured to provide hot water for the entire house.

Every La Castellamonte tiled wood stove incorporates tradition, craftsmanship and the latest technological … (read more)

De Dietrich modern wood stoves


De Dietrich offers 3 highly efficient wood burning stoves – Ebenis, Quadralis and Tilia. Featuring upscale design and excellent heating capability, the De Dietrich wood stoves are designed to meet the contemporary trends and needs of the most demanding modern consumers.

The 6.0 kW Ebenis is a modern wood stove with large glass door and 2-sided windows that allow you to enjoy the flames from anywhere in the room.

Its large combustion chamber offers optimum heat distribution. Ebenis is a highly efficient wood stove from De Dietrich that burns both wood logs … (read more)

Freestanding wood stoves from Kuma

The EPA certified freestanding wood stove, Kuma Aspen is a compact efficient wood burner, capable of burning 16 inch logs in its 1.6 ft³ firebox, The Aspen stove uses non-Catalytic Technology and with proper clearances, can be safely installed in an alcove or recessed area in your house.

Offering 9 hour burn time and 79% efficiency, Aspen comfortably heats up to 1,600 square feet. The perfect choice for heating smaller spaces, this freestanding wood stove features a double wall design which naturally circulates warm air about the home. Options include a variable speed blower … (read more)

Modern cast iron Keddy stoves from Sweden

The Keddy K800 line of stoves has two models, the K815 and K816 with hot plate on the top and a variable heat output from 3.0 kW to 9.0 kW. These modern cast iron stoves are very stylish and exquisitely crafted in Sweden.

Featuring a minimalist symmetrical shape, a large door window and side glass windows, Keddy modern cast iron stoves offer unobstructed views of the burning fire. The door is machine ground to create tight, long lasting seal. See Westbo Classic cast iron stoves from Sweden and Contura Swedish tile … (read more)

Solid fuel stoves by Waterford Stanley

Tara solid fuel stove

This medium sized solid fuel stove from Waterford Stanley is one of the most versatile. Tara comes in 3 configurations – for individual room heating, hot water supply, and central heat supply. Durable and efficient, Tara is available in 4 colours to fit in a variety of home decors.

The multi fuel stove burns almost everything solid – anthracite, coal, smokeless fuel, seasoned peat briquettes and dried wood. Should not be used with high moisture content fuels.

The cast iron Tara features easy to use controls, overnight burn capability, … (read more)

Morso 2b wood stoves

Morso 2B Standard is a modern wood burning stove, based on 1930s Morso Forest model. The 2B Standard wood stove has the latest combustion technology, greatly reducing smoke emissions to just 4.1 gram per hour. Its air washed glazed door offers a comfortable unobstructed view of the fire and the long, spacious firebox burns wood briquettes and logs up to 18″ long.

The 2B Standard produces up to 35,000 BTU per hour, supplying enough heat to warm up to 1000 sq. ft. at 75% burning efficiency. This radiant heat stove comes with 10 year … (read more)

Wall hanging wood burning stoves by Morso

Deigned in Denmark, the S10-70 is attractive, contemporary stove with a large viewing area. This wall hanging stove certainly makes a stunning statement in your living room while providing up to 5 kW heat output at 84% efficiency. Key design elements include modern convection system, sliding control, air wash system, preheated combustion and secondary air, tertiary air supply and ash tray. In stores for about £1,330.

Designed by Karsten Aagaard, this wall hanging Morso wood burning stove, the 6170 offers timeless style with its clean lines, hidden hinges and great functionality. The stove … (read more)