Piazzetta Qube wood burning stove

This is another aesthetically pleasing compact stove, designed for smaller spaces. Featuring fine, hand made majolica cladding in 6 colours, Piazzetta Qube offers radiant, conduction and natural convection heating for your living quarters, backed by Multifuoco System that brings an optional forced ventilation kit with 4 electronically controlled power levels and LCD remote control.

The Qube comes with a tertiary air system for optimized combustion and high efficiency with low emissions, self-cleaning ceramic glass resistant up to 750°C, enameled steel with grate in cast iron and removable ash drawer for quick cleaning. 9.0 … (read more)

Contemporary pellet stove – Piazzetta Line

Inspired by the sophisticated design of the 1950s, Piazzetta Line is a minimalist contemporary pellet stove that blends perfectly unique aesthetics and modern technology. The stove features Piazzetta 3-speed, forced ventilation Multifuoco System, multifunction remote control with LCD display, programmable thermostat and Multi Comfort function.

This contemporary pellet stove can warm up to 250 cubic meters of your living space and offers up to 8.6 kW in automatically controlled, 4-level heat output at 89% efficiency.

Piazzetta Line is also equipped with humidifier and aroma diffuser. Its cast iron, enameled firebox, large self cleaning … (read more)

Freestanding wood stoves from Kuma

The EPA certified freestanding wood stove, Kuma Aspen is a compact efficient wood burner, capable of burning 16 inch logs in its 1.6 ft³ firebox, The Aspen stove uses non-Catalytic Technology and with proper clearances, can be safely installed in an alcove or recessed area in your house.

Offering 9 hour burn time and 79% efficiency, Aspen comfortably heats up to 1,600 square feet. The perfect choice for heating smaller spaces, this freestanding wood stove features a double wall design which naturally circulates warm air about the home. Options include a variable speed blower … (read more)

Waterford Stanley Oisin oil stove

The Oisin oil stove gives 3.6 kW of heat for your room, keeping it warm in efficient manner. The compact Waterford Stanley oil stove is equipped with barometric damper that stabilises and regulates flue draft to ensure constant heat output.

This oil stove also features a real fire effect behind its heat resistant glass. Comes with rear outlet exit and there is an option for 90° bend is you prefer the vertical flue configuration. Electrical supply is, of course, necessary for the stove to operate. Comes in black, brown and grey metallic colours. Previously, … (read more)

Contemporary pellet stove by Waterford Stanley

This highly efficient contemporary pellet stove offers modulating heat output in the range from 3.2 kW to 9.1 kW. Automatic start up cycle, built-in room thermostat and automatic chimney cleaning cycle make operating and maintaining the Fusion from Waterford Stanley a simple task.

Clean lines and compact design of this modern pellet stove, combined with 81% efficiency, clean burning and automatic control, bring warmth and comfort of wood heating as well as modern minimalist look.

Other key features of Fusion contemporary stove include optional remote control thermostat, 7-day programmer, 2 on/off periods … (read more)

Tonwerk T-SKY eco2 wood stove

The integrated storage core of the innovative T-SKY eco2 from Tonwerk is made of fire proof ceramics with an excellent heat conductivity. When burning the wood, the storage core absorbs the released energy only to save it and slowly return afterwards.

The combustion chamber offers a beautiful view of the fire and ensures the optimal radiation of the heat into the room. The door handle is installed above the combustion chamber for an easy reach and an ergonomic opening of the stove. The Tonwerk T-SKY eco2 completely uses the energy, reaching … (read more)

Wodtke Holiday wood burning stove

Instead of watching TV or going out, spend your leisurely hours around Wodtke Holiday wood burning stove. The new compact wood burning stove features elegant decorative front glass in black or nougat, offering a spectacle worth seeing from any perspective, thanks to its rotatable through 48° body.

Wodtke Holiday is also equipped with the proprietary HiClean Filter technology, which combines a novel, low maintenance, ceramic foam depth filter and use of an innovative adhesion effect, that retains the soot particles released at the start of a combustion process, burning them completely with virtually … (read more)

Skantherm Elements Stove System

Designed by Professor Wulf Schneider, the unique and incredibly versatile Elements Stove System from Skantherm consists of only 3 elements. Using a special magnetic technology, you can create an endless number of upright or horizontal layouts to suit your available space and taste, positioning 2 elements of different widths which are opened at one side, above, below or at the sides of the 5.0 kW combustion chamber. In addition, the combustion chamber is optionally available with a 180° turning device, so you can use Elements Stove System as a room partition. And for a … (read more)