2010 Kitchen Contraptions Holiday Gift Guide – Gift Ideas for Cooks – Kitchen Gadgets

Looking for the perfect gift for the kitchen lover on your gift list. We’ve got ideas in just about every area of the kitchen. Check below for links to our featured items in this year’s Kitchen Contraptions holiday shopping guide with our comments and thoughts on why this is a perfect gift. Also you will want to check out our 2009, 2008 and 2007 holiday shoppping guides which are filled with cool gift ideas as well.

Le Creuset Stoneware Large Utensil Crock – Who … (read more)

Le Creuset Stoneware Large Utensil Crock

If you’re storing your cooking utensils in a drawer you need to move on. This large kitchen crock holds a drawer full of utensils, freeing up space in your drawers for things you need to store away. The stoneware features a colorful enamel coating that resists scratching, chipping, staining, and cracking.

At Le Creuset Stoneware Large Utensil Crock

Wood burning stoves – Wodtke Sun and Moon

Rounded shape and red ceramic make Wodtke Sun an instant focal point in the room. Heat output ranges between 5.0 kW and 9.0 kW, and burning efficiency exceeds 75%. Made of double walled steel and cast iron, the Sun features automatic air combustion control system, steel and vermiculite fire box, and steel door with large glass window and cool-touch handle. Price is € 2,300.

The larger Wodtke Moon is technically very similar to the Sun wood burning stove and is available in 5 colours and different materials including steel, soapstone and ceramic. Price … (read more)

Koppe wood burning and pellet ovens

Some models come with a boiler provision. The German made Koppe stoves are available in many shapes, materials and colours. You can burn wood or pellets. Highly efficient and powerful. Previously, Boccaccio stoves by Koppe.

Pegasus tile

Wega compact

Boccaccio DS

Cassiopeia tile

Cassiopeia standard

Gaya soapstone

KA soapstone

Caron soapstone

Thorma Vigso

Thorma Strasbourg

Torino tile

(read more)

Oneida Color Burst Chili Mango 16-Piece Dinnerware Set – Give Dinner a Splash of Color


Winter is coming, and we thought it might ease the transition if we simply got ourselves some very colorful dinnerware. In our search we found this Chili Mango set from Oneida. Each set comes with 4 of the following: Dinner Plates, Salad/Dessert Plates, Soup/Cereal Bowls, and Mugs. The dinnerware set is Stoneware and dishwasher and microwave safe. VIVA LA MANGO DINNERWARE!

At Oneida Color Burst Chili Mango 16-Piece Dinnerware Set

Foco stoves by Sideros

Foco 160

The stylish Foco stoves are made by Sideros for the high end market. Designed to look like a real piece of furniture, the Foco 160 has compact thick steel structure covered by Bordeaux, Vanilla or Sun Yellow ceramic. The elliptically shaped front and panoramic glass allow you enjoy the flames from anywhere in the room. 10.0 kW heat output and 80% efficiency can sufficiently warm 250m³ space. Priced at around £3,200.

Foco 140

Attractively styled and very functional Foco 140 has a solid structure in thick steel, elegant elliptical … (read more)

Sideros wood burning stoves

Tiffany Decorata

The Tiffany Decorata has large grate door for better flame view and easier wood loading. This wood burning stove also features a new and original design and is fitted with die-cast chrome-plated aluminium handles which highlight the contemporary and modern line. Made entirely of cast-iron, enamelled at 800°C for durability and performance. 8.0 kW maximum heat output, 73% burning efficiency.

Baby Erika

Baby Erika is compact, harmonious and functional stove with 8.0 kW high heat output and double combustion in order to guarantee higher efficiency and lower wood consumption. … (read more)

Neato XV-11 All Floor Robotic Vacuum System

We think we’ve found the ultimate kitchen and household robot vacuum. The powerful XV-11 saves you time by automatically vacuuming your entire floor–even deep into corners and under furniture, and it features a Laser-based Room Positioning System that sees everything in the room. Why is this important? Well the Neato avoids bumping into walls and furniture, and learns about all the doorways in your home instead of relying on sensors you place like the Roomba. It also works on all types of surfaces like carpets, rugs, hardwood, laminates, tile, and stone.

Two more features … (read more)