Flowing Spiral Wood Staircase is a Work of Art

This is one of the most jaw dropping wood staircases we have ever seen. When one thinks of a spiral staircase, the wrought iron model comes to mind with narrow stairs, open backs. When Carney Logan Burke (CLB) Architects built Rabbit Brush Residence in Jackson, Wyoming, they had something else in mind. Such elegant solid wood paneling up a fully closed railing makes this stairway so stunning. It puts us in mind of a yacht staircase – on the most magnificent yacht you could imagine! … (read more)

Asymmetric Staircase Incorporates Sitting Areas

Japanese architectural firm Acaa built this home in Yakohama, Japan as a home gallery — but it is the exquisitely designed staircase that caught our attention. The placement of the stairs and small landings, the shapes, the relationships. This is far more than just a staircase. The whole flow is so organic. We can imagine a party, where there are guests sitting on each of the mini-landings. And we love how they’ve used the globe lights – works so well. And we’ve always loved white risers with … (read more)

Organic-shaped Wooden Spiraling Staircase

This amazing staircase, designed by Atmos for a London apartment, is the winner of the 2013 UK Wood Award. The staircase is actually part of a bigger wooden structure that creates a room in a room. Tucked in one corner of the bigger room, it seems to grow out of the floor like a giant tree branch, that splits up into smaller branches to for the stairs. The CNC cut layers of wood spiral slightly to create a built-in shelf structure at its lower part, … (read more)

Open Staircase Serves as Partition

This interesting space has many unusual architectural features: a completely open staircase design, a fireplace built into the kitchen island and a massive wooden overhead that covers the entire kitchen and is designed to hide all electric communications and duct work. The staircase also separates kitchen and dining areas, and with a modern seating placed by its side and in front of a fireplace, the kitchen gets its own cozy enclave. See more of this insanely cool house by SAOTA and Three 14 Architects.
Photo credit: Adam Letch

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