Spring fixes to protect your home from the elements

Spring fixes to protect your home from the elements

After a rough winter in many areas of the country, spring has been no fling. Insurance claims for damage from hail, wind, and sewer and sump pump backups spike in the spring, according to Travelers. With snow shovels stashed, now’s a good time to inspect your house for any damage that may have occurred over the winter while your were inside keeping warm. Here are some steps to take to prevent further harm from wild weather.  

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Spring based nutcrackers from Take2

Naomi nutcracker from Take2 Design of Germany is basically a cone-shaped coil spring with the striker attached inside. You stretch the helical spring, then let go. The striker cracks the shell of the nut you put on the stainless bowl base and it is ready for you. Two hands required. The best part? The spring cone shape keeps loose shells flying around, check the video out …

Lucky Punch is a spring loaded, one-handed nutcracker with the piston inside that cracks the nut shell upon impact. Place the nut in the … (read more)