Save time in the kitchen with these speed cookers

Save time in the kitchen with these speed cookers


Cooking appliances are the engine of any kitchen. Wimpy burners, a wonky oven, and a microwave with a mind of its own can get in the way of efficient meal prep. Our latest tests of kitchen appliances found plenty of first-rate models with true timesaving enhancements. That includes high-powered cooktops that will bring water for pasta to a rapid boil and double ovens that let you simultaneously prepare two dishes at different temperatures.

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GE dishwasher’s bottle-washing jets speed cleaning

GE dishwasher’s bottle-washing jets speed cleaning

Baby bottles that rolled under the car’s back seat, energy-drink bottles left in a gym bag over the weekend, and other artifacts from our busy lifestyles are the obvious inspiration for a new feature found in some GE dishwashers. In the top rack of select models, you can put containers with small openings, such as baby and sports bottles and other tall, narrow items, over four upright jets positioned on the right side. GE says the jets direct water deep inside the bottles during … (read more)

Moulinex Infiny Press Revolution low speed juicer

Moulinex ZU5008 works with all sorts of fruits, vegetables and even herbs – soft, hard, raw and cooked. Infiny Press Revolution is a slow juicer that slowly and steadily crushes fruits or vegetables while limiting oxidation. The result is great tasting juice full of vitamins and minerals.

Similar to Coway Juicepresso, Moulinex Infiny Press Revolution low speed juicer is very quiet and equipped with advanced Low Speed Technology System, which produces up to 30% more juice at only 80 rpm. Pulp is extracted separately. 2 stainless steel filters for different juice … (read more)

Siemens extractor hood – wall mounted vent

The stainless steel, 90cm wide Siemens extractor hood, the C98KB540 mounts on the wall, giving you all head clearance you ever need during cooking. The three-segment face plate with high-performance stainless steel filters, digital display and easy-to-use electronic controls project sophistication and functionality.

Siemens equips this extractor hood with 3 bright 60-watt halogen and 3-speed blower with intensive setting, capable of reaching 520 m³/h extraction rate. For recirculating installation only. Price is around € 900. Siemens. Previously,
wall exhaust vent hood by Neff.

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