Star Shaped Clothes Drying Rack for Small Spaces

This star shaped clothes drying rack is by London designer Aaron Dunkerton and is the perfect solution for small space living. It’s an expandable clothes air dryer (very environmentally friendly) that unfolds into a 12-point star. It kind of reminds us of a ferris wheel — for laundry. And it takes up very little space to store it when not in use! Lightweight (beach plywood strips), it’s extremely easy to fold and unfold. And with 36 drying arms – there’s lots of room to dry your clothes. When … (read more)

Sunpan Madero Dining Table – Big style for small spaces

The Madero dining table from Sunpan isn’t your typical wood table. This design has unusual roots, most visible in its base – an unusual design inspired by crisscrossed tree trunks, lending this dining table a warm, weathered look and feel. This organic aesthetic is complemented by a lightly distressed driftwood finish in oak / oak veneer. The tabletop is strong and simple – a thick rectangular slab featuring straight edges and a hefty weight that gives its small scale a big visual impact. Measuring 63L x 39.5W … (read more)

Today’s slimmer refrigerators fit tight spaces

Today’s slimmer refrigerators fit tight spaces

They say baseball is a game of inches. So too is kitchen remodeling, another activity that heats up in the spring. The inches matter most if you’re forced to work with the existing dimensions of the kitchen, including the openings for your various appliances. That’s why the increase in slimmed-down refrigerators is good news for space-challenged remodelers. Here are some narrower-than-normal models from Consumer Reports’ latest refrigerator Ratings.

33-inch-wide French-doors The vast majority of ever-popular French-door bottom-freezers are 36-inches wide. But … (read more)

Wanders Vidra pellet stove brings style and efficiency in smaller living spaces

The highly efficient Vidra is the latest wood pellet stove from Wanders, expected to fit into rather tight spaces. And the slim pellet stove does just that – measuring only 27cm in depth, it just over a meter high, 84cm wide, and comes in red or white shiny finish.

The Wanders Vidra 6 offers 6.0 kW output and 90.5% efficiency, whereas Vidra 9 delivers 9.0 kW at slightly lower 86%. This pellet stove represent a perfect compromise between simplicity, robustness, performance and style. Wanders. Previously, Wanders Pearl and Black Diamond … (read more)