Built-In Furniture and Storage by Breath Architecture

Our friends at Trendir alerted us to this house with many built-in ideas and we just love it. Almost anything that can be built in – is! Built in headboards and lights, built in side boards, shelving – storage is everywhere! And built-ins take up less room than free standing furniture so you can make more use of the available space. The built in corner table (above) makes use of a space that otherwise might only hold a plant. And using the stair wall as cubby holes … (read more)

Low-cost Renovation of Compact City Apartment

This project represents the renovation of a compact apartment in a popular neighborhood in Barcelona. The owners, a young and dynamic couple, asked architect Eva Cotman for a quick and low-cost renovation. In order to adapt it to a young and modern lifestyle, the apartment was stripped down to its basic structure. All non-load bearing wall were removed, at the same time exposing the brick structure of the walls and the beams of the ceiling. Tearing down the false ceiling gained the necessary extra … (read more)

Personal Pod Space: HUSH Hideaway by Freyja Sewell

This personal pod space – HUSH by Freyja Sewell can be a tent-like private hideaway or it can be a chair. A unique concept whose time has come. Made from 100% wool felt with red yarn stitching, it’s cute as a button (and almost puts us in mind of a baseball). And it’s incredibly practical for today’s overstimulated world. Who hasn’t come home after a difficult day and wanted to just crawl into their own space and hibernate? Now you can do it in ultimate style, instead of … (read more)

Small Loft designed for Big Impact

Located in Toronto, Canada, Loft 002 is a small one-bedroom apartment with wall-to-wall views of the trendy King West area down below. Rad Design’s brief was to add some of that “trendy” King West vibe into this small scale apartment and with not much floor space to accomplish the client’s design aesthetic, their approach was to select pieces that where necessary to day to day living while at the same time adding in the coveted “Wow” factor. The colour palette was kept mostly neutral, allowing the odd … (read more)

Ideal Kitchen Dining and Living Space Combination idea from Snaidero

All for One and One for All.
This 4 in 1 living space combines kitchen, dining, entertaining, and sleeping all within one public area without compromising the overall design aesthetic of the home. The public zones are all allocated into three sections of the open concept living space with the living area double the size of the food zones while at the same time sharing its square footage with the exposed yet hidden sleeping zone. Disguised as an oversized ottoman the bed fits seamlessly into the overall furniture layout of the entertaining … (read more)

Some of the best space heaters cost $100 or less

Some of the best space heaters cost $ 100 or less

You don’t have to look far to see ads hawking space heaters, with special sales of the portable Dyson AM04 and the Heat Surge HT-XL—the so-called Amish heater—as close as your home-shopping TV channels. But even if you need to settle quickly on a model, you don’t have to spring for one of the sale-priced but still-pricey units making the rounds. In fact, you can pay far less.

The $ 300 Dyson AM04, in … (read more)

Cozy Apartment Decorated in Pure Modern Scandinavian Style

This Swedish urban apartment is a great example of modern Scandinavian interior design. The optical white walls and the light essence wood floors are a sine-qua-non in any typical Scandinavian interior. Then there is the mixes of new with the old, even with some DIY pieces, just note the low tables and the shelves which are made out of wooden crates of all types, shabbily painted. There is also the use of fabric, with knitted throws, pillows and accent rugs. The lighting is in line … (read more)

CPSC recalls Optimus space heater we judged a safety risk

CPSC recalls Optimus space heater we judged a safety risk

The Consumer Product Safety Commission today announced the recall of two models of Optimus portable electric space heaters, including one model that Consumer Reports judged a Don’t Buy: Safety Risk last year and asked the safety agency to recall.

We tested the Optimus H-5210, $ 25, along with 19 other models. In our space heater tests, we put terry cloth over each heater to see whether the unit’s sensor shuts it off before it overheats. The Optimus … (read more)