Solid fuel stoves by Waterford Stanley

Tara solid fuel stove

This medium sized solid fuel stove from Waterford Stanley is one of the most versatile. Tara comes in 3 configurations – for individual room heating, hot water supply, and central heat supply. Durable and efficient, Tara is available in 4 colours to fit in a variety of home decors.

The multi fuel stove burns almost everything solid – anthracite, coal, smokeless fuel, seasoned peat briquettes and dried wood. Should not be used with high moisture content fuels.

The cast iron Tara features easy to use controls, overnight burn capability, … (read more)

Organic and Minimalist Solid Wood Furniture by MASHstudios

The organic and minimalist aesthetic of the LAX collection really appeals to us. The lines have purposely been kept so simple to contrast the hustle and bustle of everyday life, to provide a calming effect when you come home and close out the rest of the world. And indeed, it was conceived in the largest city in the United States, and brought to life in the second largest, Los Angeles. And thus the LAX moniker, after the Los Angeles airport. We’ve covered this line of English Walnut furniture(read more)

Solid fuel stove cookers by Oranier

The feel of nostalgia for good old times will disappear when you add a solid fuel stove cooker from Oranier to your home appliances. These modern solid fuel stoves serve both as cookers and heaters.

You can keep warm between 120 and 150 m³, depending on your particular solid fuel cooker. Prices range between € 900 and € 1,200. Oranier.

Wood cook stove from Heartland
Vescovi Perla cook stove
Haas & Sohn wood burning range cookers
Classica wood … (read more)

Solid Wood Swing by Veronica Martinez – Leaf

The mere mention of autumn awakens visions of warm hued leaves tumbling through the cool air – the earthy inspiration behind the Leaf swing by Veronica Martinez (Enessentia). Handmade by Spanish sculptors, this rustic style swing seat makes an ideal addition to your indoor or outdoor living spaces. Made from solid cerejeira wood and treated with Teka oil, you’ll appreciate the wood’s natural grain and smooth finish. Its gently curving contours offer a comfortable place to sit and sway. Suspend the Leaf swing from a tree in the garden, on your deck, the … (read more)

Solid Wood Stools by Karim Rashid for Riva1920

Riva 1920 is passionate about working with solid wood – so it’s no wonder that the Fiore and Delta stools designed by Karim Rashid were quickly swept up by the brand. Both stools are fun and unconventional with loads of personality. Both are made from solid cedar wood. Fiore clearly resembles a flower, each outer unit reminding us of a petal. Delta can remind us of many things, one being change due to its random shape, another could it be its vague reference to triangles or maybe a split of some kind, if … (read more)