Woven Wicker Small Sofa and Armchairs by Dolcefarniente

Texture me a colour story through the embracing silhouette of the Giada series. Made from interlacing wicker, the easy chairs, ottomans and small sofa are a visceral treat of saturated colours, the only real choice being which colour to get. The soft, padded and form fitted cushions are just the perfect density for sitting on, while the continuous backrest / armrests are tightly formed to “hug” your body in a comforting embrace, making the Giada series, snuggable, huggable and definitely lovable.

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Chaise Loveseat Sofa from David Batho: Elegance and Comfort

Modern design, combined with traditional leather work, brings the loveseat to a new level of style. This piece would look simply stunning in any room – but doesn’t it look incredible here against the acid-etched cement floor? You could use it as a fainting couch, can you imagine? Or just lie draped across it, with a rose between your teeth. What a photo that would make! In all seriousness, while this is a high-design piece, it’s also extremely comfortable. David Batho is known for working with the client … (read more)

Sexy Modular Sofa with Extra Deep Tufting

Nuvolone was originally designed in 1970 by Rino Maturi for Mimo Leone & C. and the avant-garde tufted and modular sofa proved to be a huge success. The sofa became almost mythical in appearance with its unforgettably visceral silhouette and left a lasting impression of all that was good about 70s design. The sofa was originally limited to the upholstery of the era but that is no longer the case. Mimo Design Group has restyled the Nuvolone with a new, sexier and far more glamorous outer skin of … (read more)

Napali sectional sofa from Bretz Wohntraume

The Napali sectional sofa from German company Bretz Wohntraume is what contemporary customizable comfort is all about. This cozy corner couch comes with three basic components: the extension element (outfitted with one backrest), the corner section (with two backrests placed at a right angle), and an ottoman. From here, it’s entirely up to you how you will piece these versatile parts together, or separately – cozy loveseat for two or a straight sofa for 20, a corner configuration, a U-shaped lounging area, or plan out your living … (read more)

Bohemian Living Room: Roche Bobois Mah Jong Modular Sofa

We are instantly attracted to the livable, lovable “shabby chic” look, which in this space happens to be more chic than shabby, but you get the picture. Roche Bobois’ new Mah Jong modular sofa designed by Hans Hopfer boasts a decidedly bohemian aesthetic with its large-scale, low-profile form that invites you to lean back and lounge. Following in the footsteps of Roche Bobois Couture Furniture, this new modular sofa collection comes with various components which can be pieced together to suit any space, large or … (read more)

Blogger Large 3-Seat Sofa by Roche Bobois

Looks like high-end furniture companies are keeping up with the times in more than just style. Check out the Blogger Large 3-Seat Sofa from Roche Bobois, designed by R. Tapinassi and M. Manzoni. To be successful in blogging, you need to get one of these – pun intended! This cushy couch features an oversized form to keep you comfy for hours on end while you blog, daydream and be inspired by your surroundings. This chic sofa will definitely become the focal point in any room! Its large-scale silhouette boasts a wood frame … (read more)

Really Cool Sofa by Etel Interiors – Fardos

This really cool sofa is a barrel of laughs! What could have taken its inspiration from a Donkey Kong video game, the Fardos sofa from Brazilian furniture maker Etel Interiors was designed by Ricardo Fasanello and will quickly become the most popular seat in the house. Covered in soft, high-quality and supple leather, the Fardos isn’t just a piece of furniture – it’s a conversation piece! For details, visit Etel Interiors.
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Ultra Modern Decor

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Outdoor Armchair Ibiscus and Sofa Meridienne by Moroso

The grand finale to the epic Moroso M’Afrique collection sends it out with a bang! As the final pieces of the outdoor furniture line, the Ibiscus armchair and the Meridienne sofa by designer Dominique Petot make a style statement that screams: Big! Bold! Beautiful! The design consists of wild shapes and even wilder woven patterns if you can imagine that. These vibrant red, brown and white patio pieces echo the shape of a traditional British armchair and lounger, with armrests and a high back to recline into. Frames come in the choice … (read more)