Ideal Kitchen Dining and Living Space Combination idea from Snaidero

All for One and One for All.
This 4 in 1 living space combines kitchen, dining, entertaining, and sleeping all within one public area without compromising the overall design aesthetic of the home. The public zones are all allocated into three sections of the open concept living space with the living area double the size of the food zones while at the same time sharing its square footage with the exposed yet hidden sleeping zone. Disguised as an oversized ottoman the bed fits seamlessly into the overall furniture layout of the entertaining … (read more)

Suspended Kitchen Skyline 2.0 by Snaidero

When it comes to Snaidero kitchens, the first words that come to mind to describe them are design, functionality and comfort. Skyline is designed to adapt to the body movements and to facilitate them. Its main defining features are shaped worktops and areas and glass shelves equipped with built-in lighting. Like other compact designs from Snaidero, this model aims to eliminate the superfluous and to optimize functionality. The storage spaces are perfectly rationalized in order for one to have everything at hand, with minimum … (read more)