Bring Life Outdoors With Sleek Lgtek Patio Furniture

Italian company LGTek Outdoor have introduced their newest line of furniture products, simply named the “LG” series. This latest offering from the company is a small catalog of comfortably modern, low-maintenance indoor/outdoor furniture with high usability. From a bright, cushioned bench to a casual dining table, the LG line of furniture fits into every need you may have outside the walls of your home, and does it with modern flair.

The most versatile of the new products, shown in the top photo, is a mobile kitchen called the … (read more)

Sleek Steel Thermos Makes for Great Soup Sipper

Connox is featuring this Thermo-Pot which consists of corrosion-resistant steel, and a lid made out of natural cork. Meals and liquids will remain inside of the Thermo-Pot: warm for about 6 hours. The manufacturer Black + Blum furthermore ensures 10 years of use. We’re not sure how you’d make your soup sipper pot wear out – but we do like the guarantee.

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