PerfektFit AEG-Electrolux side by side refrigerators

The German market demand for side by side refrigerators grew by 47% from 2005 to 2009. That is likely why, AEG-Electrolux brought its popular side by side wine cooler fridge freezer and other side by side refrigerators in Germany as a part of its PerfectFit Collection. The large capacity models are only 60cm deep, making them ideal for European kitchens.

The energy efficient PerfektFit refrigerators feature either curved or 3D door design giving you choices to complement any kitchen style, ice and water dispenser, adjustable shelves, specially designed self-closing door hinges, anti-finger … (read more)

Whirlpool side by side refrigerator with MicroEtch shelf

The brand new Whirlpool side by side refrigerator provides plenty of space and features innovative MicroEtch Spill Control shelves that make cleaning the last thing to worry about. While Whirlpool certainly can’t prevent occasional spills, the MicroEtch shelves can help keep them clean by preventing spills from leaking, so there’s no need to worry if that juice box spills before it makes it into the lunch box. The new shelves combat spills with microscopic etching around the perimeter to help prevent liquids from overflowing and leaking, as much as a full can of soda. … (read more)

AEG side by side refrigerators

With fresh design and friendly functionality, the new freestanding ‘A+’ energy rated AEG side by side refrigerators feature integrated water and ice dispenser, NoFrost technology and bar compartment. You can get the desired amount of frozen ice cubes or crushed ice and with 3.5 kg ice capacity in 24 hours, you never will be short. Fresh filtered water is always at hand, and thanks to the AEG PureAdvantage filtration system with a dual-activated carbon filter, the taste of water is one of the industry best. The functional design of the water dispenser enables you … (read more)

Maytag Glass Line American-style fridge freezer

The sleek Maytag Glass Line American-style fridge freezer is one very seductive kitchen appliance. Even the bite of the ongoing economic climate hasn’t cooled the desire of many to make such a classic side by side fridge freezer the focal point of their kitchens. There is something undeniably charismatic about the big and beautiful American-style refrigerator, especially when style and functionality dovetail to produce the perfect appliance. The word ‘elegant’ comes to mind at first sight of Maytag capacious new Glass Line model, the MSS 20 CG114 fridge freezer, with its sophisticated mix … (read more)

Samsung S P A C E refrigerator

The stylish S P A C E fits 700+ litres, almost 25 ft³ of storage, inside a 610 litre footprint. Using a revolutionary, ultra thin insulation technology that doesn’t compromise on cooling performance, this Samsung fridge is perfect for entertaining, and for families that buy enough food to feed an army. The side by side refrigerator is big on the inside without any change to the outside. And most importantly, you don’t need to change anything in your kitchen.

Samsung equipped the S P A C E refrigerator with its Twin Cooling … (read more)

Whirlpool side by side refrigerator – 20 cu ft side-by-side refrigerators

New American-style Whirlpool side by side refrigerator is ideal for big families and entertaining.
The premium model among 20 cu ft side-by-side refrigerators, the WSC5555 A+X with unique 6th Sense technology, not only offers a large capacity, but is among the most energy efficient cooling appliances on the market, boasting an ‘A+’ energy rating, making it both economical and environmentally friendly. Whirlpool WSC5555 A+X side by side refrigerator benefits from the company patented 6th Sense technology and uses intelligent sensors inside the storage area to constantly monitor the temperature and respond quickly … (read more)

Side-by-Side built-in refrigerator by DCS

DCS by Fisher & Paykel has added cool innovation to its indoor kitchen line with the launch of its 36-inch side-by-side built-in refrigerator. Combining advanced technology and stylish design, the 36″ built-in DCS refrigerator joins the company indoor professionally styled kitchen line up with state-of-the-art features, unparalleled food care, convenient beverage chiller, and tri sensor control system that maintain the professional style consistently known with the DCS family of products. The 36″ side-by-side built-in refrigerator brings consumers advanced cooling technology and ample flexibility for their refrigeration needs in a professionally styled DCS package.

(read more)

Stainless steel refrigerator – ATAG American-Style refrigerators

The new American-Style refrigerators by ATAG are undeniably and addictively cool. This stainless steel refrigerator, the KA2111DQ is large American-Style side-by-side refrigerator, destined to become the show-stopping centrepiece of your contemporary kitchen. Already offering the sought after features of a side-by-side refrigerator, the new ATAG refrigerator adds the very latest technology and cutting edge design as well as a liberal splash of ATAG renowned European craftsmanship. What you have is the new range of side-by-side American-Style, spacious fridge freezers, which offer a heady mix of style, flair, great versatility and a huge … (read more)