Room air conditioners that keep their cool

Room air conditioners that keep their cool

The latest batch of room air conditioners in Consumer Reports’ tests meet tougher energy requirements so in addition to keeping you cool they help you keep your cool over rising utility bills. Small window air conditioners are the biggest sellers and we found five to recommend that cost in the $ 200 range. We also tested more than a dozen portable air conditioners but unfortunately, most struggled to cool a room. Here are the details.

Window air conditioners

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Indoor Pool in Your Living Room!

We never would have thought you could get an indoor pool in a house this wide, but here it is. Courtesy of P8 Architects in Belgium, this young family has a pool off their living room. The folding glass walls offer multiple combinations – it can be an indoor pool, an outdoor pool or an indoor/outdoor pool! Opening onto a lovely patio with a bamboo forest really makes you feel you’re part of nature. Using a current/training stream (easily fits under the walkway/bridge), you can swim on the … (read more)

Organic-shaped Wooden Spiraling Staircase

This amazing staircase, designed by Atmos for a London apartment, is the winner of the 2013 UK Wood Award. The staircase is actually part of a bigger wooden structure that creates a room in a room. Tucked in one corner of the bigger room, it seems to grow out of the floor like a giant tree branch, that splits up into smaller branches to for the stairs. The CNC cut layers of wood spiral slightly to create a built-in shelf structure at its lower part, … (read more)

Ice Hotel Gets Paris Rooftops Themed Room: How Cool

For 25 years, different artists and designers have created the Ice Hotel. The hotel is located in Jukkasjarvi, a small town in northeastern Norway with 1,000 people and 1,100 dogs. It is constructed in November and part of December and open between December and mid-April, when the ice begins melting back into the Torne River. Although the room count varies from year to year, it is generally in the neighborhood of 65 rooms and suites and between 50,000 and 60,000 people visit each year. And each year, 100 … (read more)

Loft Style Children’s Room

Russian designer Elena Skutova has created a very special atmosphere in this relatively small boy’s room. Designed for two brothers, the room is playful with many elements inspired from nature. The bunk bed in white stained wood is built in the shape of a tree house, with a roof and wooden access ladder. The bottom bed is turned in the opposite direction to the top one because of the reduced height between the two. From a material perspective, the room is treated like … (read more)

Small Loft designed for Big Impact

Located in Toronto, Canada, Loft 002 is a small one-bedroom apartment with wall-to-wall views of the trendy King West area down below. Rad Design’s brief was to add some of that “trendy” King West vibe into this small scale apartment and with not much floor space to accomplish the client’s design aesthetic, their approach was to select pieces that where necessary to day to day living while at the same time adding in the coveted “Wow” factor. The colour palette was kept mostly neutral, allowing the odd … (read more)

Room Design Ideas from Moooi

Moooi is the Dutch word for beautiful (with an extra “O” for extra value) and that is exactly what their furnishings are. Here a selection of their furnishings and accessories are arranged in a captivating setting of charcoals and yellow. The Bart Sofa and Armchair are rubenesque in their silhouette with a lower texture of grid work that adds visual intrigue; this low line of texture is carried through to the two coffee tables, Elements 005 and 006 respectively. The two coffee tables both take their muse … (read more)

20 Delicious Whimsical Dining Room Designs

Treat your dining room like the set of a stage, where your only boundary is your own imagination. Here are 20 delicious dining room designs that dish out the drama. But these elaborate tabletops were created for a worthy cause. Showcased in 2012 at the Portland Fall Home & Garden Show as part of Serving Up Style: Designers Fighting Lupus, Portland-area interior designers were called to the table (pun intended) to bring their best with all proceeds benefitting lupus awareness. Whether you’re supporting the cause or looking for a little inspiration, these dining rooms … (read more)