Uneven Edge Dining Table by Riflessi

A living edge table with a sleek appearance seems almost unachievable, but Riflessi has managed to do just that with its “Living” table. A smooth oak plank top, 25mm thick with a slight (and natural) irregularity to the peeled edge mounted on a cross base of graphite, taupe, white or corten finished steel. This combination of organic wood details on a geometric steel base presents a sleek and modern profile that marries the warm and cold as well as the natural and the man made for a final … (read more)

Century Cupboard by Riflessi decorated in Newspaper Pages reflecting on Historical Events

With only 100 of these unique limited edition sideboards made, the Century is a hallmark of history encapsulated within Italian 20th century newspaper headlines presented in an abstract display of black and white segments that are completely readable. This artistic cabinet is covered by the originals of the first few pages of some of the most important storylines of the day, whether political or cultural, providing a glimpse into the past all the while celebrating the present within its contemporary and minimalist silhouette.