Jenn-Air Obsidian refrigerators

Jenn-Air is about to introduce 3 new refrigerators featuring a stunning deep charcoal interior called Obsidian, instead of the traditional white you would expect when open a refrigerator. The new models, that should be available in October, include a 36″ built-in 2-door bottom mount refrigerator freezer, and 36″ and 42″ fully integrated French Door bottom mount refrigerator freezers.

Black lends a very flattering and sophisticated look to this collection and gives everything within the refrigerator more prominence and visual pop, notes Juliet Johnson, manager of brand experience for Jenn-Air. The dramatic interior shade extends … (read more)

Consumer Reports’ Best Refrigerators of 2013

Consumer Reports’ Best Refrigerators of 2013

Shoppers continued to embrace French-door bottom-freezer refrigerators in 2013. Not surprising, manufacturers focused their innovation on this newer configuration, which keeps fresh food at eye-level behind space-saving side-by-side doors. Most of our top picks of the year are drawn from that category, but we also included a new top-freezer, notable for its nifty price tag, if not its game-changing design.

Samsung T9000 RF32FMQDBSR. The $ 3,500 Samsung T9000, above, first caught our eye at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show, … (read more)

5 cabinet-depth refrigerators to consider

5 cabinet-depth refrigerators to consider

It’s a great time to shop for a cabinet-depth refrigerator. Consumer Reports’ latest refrigerator Ratings are filled with these models, whose flush-to-the-countertop design results in a streamlined effect valued by many consumers. As a result, we’re seeing cabinet-depth models hit stores in a wider range of styles and sizes, including the popular French-door configuration. Here are five models to consider if cabinet-depth is your key requirement.

Bosch Linea 800 B22CS80SN[S], $ 2,700. Paying more for this 36-inch-wide Bosch gets you our … (read more)

LG G-Zone refrigerators

The ‘A++’ rated LG G-Zone GS 9366 NECZ refrigerator features the centrally positioned display, designed not as an independent element but as a divider underlining the clear, minimalist lines. The metal surfaces of the body harmoniously fit in with different kitchen settings, while the incremental LED lighting introduces attractive accents. A special door-in-door compartment serves as a convenient mini-bar with easy access at the push of a button, so there is no need to open the refrigerator section if you want a refreshment.


This side by side LG refrigerator offers 614 liter total … (read more)

Bosch beats Sub-Zero among built-in refrigerators

Bosch beats Sub-Zero among built-in refrigerators

We recently tested a batch of new built-in refrigerators, those behemoth, often panel-clad refrigerators that cost between $ 6,000 and $ 9,000. At those prices, you might expect dynamite performance across the board, but results are often mixed. That was the case again in our latest tests, in which a Bosch built-in soared while a competitor from Sub-Zero fell short.

The Bosch Integra 800 Series B36BT830NS, is a $ 7,500 built-in with French-door styling—two doors on top and … (read more)

New Haier Casarte refrigerators

China Verve

Haier shows several sharp looking refrigerators from its premium Casarte brand. Designed by Haier Innovation Design Center and fashioned after Italian elegance, Casarte product lines include artistic consumer electric appliances and integrated kitchenware. Translating as Art of Home, the brand name Casarte is derived from the Italian words La Casa, which means Home and Arte that means Art.

The exquisite China Verve comes with ceramic doors, using materials found in the Chinese porcelain artistry of the Song Dynasty. A traditional manufacturing method is employed to meet modern needs and gives … (read more)

Swan retro refrigerators

The new collection of retro refrigerators from Swan has 3 ‘A+’ rated models – compact 130 litre, 54cm wide undercounter larder fridge, 208 litre, top mounted 55cm wide fridge freezer and 295 litre, bottom mounted 60cm wide fridge freezer. All 3 refrigerators come in 7 retro colours – blue, black, cream, green, orange, red and wine red. Priced at £500, £600 and £700 respectively. Swan.


Five feature-filled refrigerators for $1,600 or less

Five feature-filled refrigerators for $ 1,600 or less

As refrigerators have gotten bigger and better—often boasting more than 30 cubic feet of claimed capacity and neat features like LCD displays and seltzer water dispensers—prices have also increased. Nearly half of the 60-plus models on our list of recommended refrigerators cost $ 2,000 or more, and you can easily spend many times that on a pricey built-in. But there are also plenty of less-expensive, yet still high-performing models to choose from. Here are five to consider if money is a … (read more)