Premium blenders are worth the price—if you choose wisely

Premium blenders are worth the price—if you choose wisely

You could spend a few hundred bucks on a new blender only to wind up with watery margaritas and smoothies that might better be called chunkies. Worse yet, your high-priced device could conk out after a few months of service. That’s clear from Consumer Reports’ latest blender tests, which include several pricey models from the fast-growing premium blender category. The good news: some of these über blenders meet, or even exceed, expectations, whipping up superb smoothies and shakes, … (read more)

Silverline Apollo Premium tabletop vent hood

The new Silverline Apollo Premium is an advanced tabletop vent that is specifically designed for open plan kitchens with unobstructed lines and views, where a conventional extractor hood is not the best option. This vent hood retracts completely into the tabletop at the push of a button. You can only see the stainless steel frame with a facet finish and a black, tempered glass plate, that fits harmoniously with black ceramic stove tops.

The quiet 90cm wide Silverline Apollo Premium features a friendly 4-level LED control panel, integrated into the black glass surface. … (read more)

Mowers with premium engines run quieter and last longer

Mowers with premium engines run quieter and last longer

At Consumer Reports, we strongly recommend that any walk-behind mower you buy have a premium engine. These engines, with their more efficient overhead-valve designs, run cleaner and quieter, and are easier to maintain. And the engines have better odds of lasting through the years. Of course, even with a good engine you need a mower that matches the size of your lawn and the type of grass you grow.

Engines common to some mowers we recently tested are the … (read more)

KitchenAid Premium Collection blenders

The latest KitchenAid blenders are so well made, so powerful, so multifunctional and so easy to use, you will want them on the counter tops all the time, rather than stow these Premium Collection blenders away, only for making the occasional smoothie or icy cocktail. KitchenAid new 5-speed blenders are coming in June 2013 in 2 models with light-weight, durable, BPA free pitchers, offering the best overall performance of any blender ever produced by the company.

The new models include a Classic 5-speed blender with a 56 oz pitcher and a 5-speed Diamond blender … (read more)

Grundig toaster from Premium Line

The brushed stainless surface of the TA 5260 Premium Line Grundig toaster projects sophistication and quality. The 870 watt performance, reheat, defrost and stop functions, variable browning control, extra wide and deep toasting slots, and automatic bread centering ensures perfect toasting results every morning.

In addition, the Grundig toaster features detachable bun warmer for reheating rolls, bagels and croissants, heat insulated housing, removable crumb tray for easy cleaning and cord storage. Priced at around € 50. Grundig.


Have some premium espresso as you drive

Espresso on the Go becomes espresso on the Drive, with the Handpresso Auto, an innovative portable coffee machine that makes a cup of premium espresso in your car or on the boat. And please, do not attempt to make it while driving, stop somewhere for that perfect coffee break.

Thanks to the 16 bar pressure, the espresso from Handpresso Auto is fine creamy and aromatic. Easy to use, the diminutive Handpresso coffee maker can be placed in the cup holder. Just connect the plug to the cigarette lighter, add water, a pad … (read more)