Custom Swimming Pool by Cipriano Landscape Design: beyond amazing!

When a customer in Bedford, New York, USA, approached Cipriano Landscape Design with the idea of crafting a pool to reflect his love of violins – specifically the Stradivarius Violin, he was excited to discover that his dream could become a reality. With the knowledge that an exact replica with all of its detail and intricacies could and would become a reality, the client began discussions with the designers to formalize a plan that would become one of the most complex pool designs and installations … (read more)

Indoor Pool in Your Living Room!

We never would have thought you could get an indoor pool in a house this wide, but here it is. Courtesy of P8 Architects in Belgium, this young family has a pool off their living room. The folding glass walls offer multiple combinations – it can be an indoor pool, an outdoor pool or an indoor/outdoor pool! Opening onto a lovely patio with a bamboo forest really makes you feel you’re part of nature. Using a current/training stream (easily fits under the walkway/bridge), you can swim on the … (read more)