Leaves Inspired Plywood Chair Biloba by Stouby

This chair design was inspired by the leaves from the Ginkgo Biloba tree – and thus the name. A very unique species of tree, it is highly revered and thought to have originated some 270 million years ago. So you can see how it would inspire a chair! The plywood Biloba chair by Stouby is available in oak (natural or stained), walnut and makassar (a flowering tree from Indonesia) and is a pure delight. Two leaves connect to form the back of the chair, in perfect Ying/Yang harmony. … (read more)

Molded Plywood Chairs and Tables by Lange Production

Molded plywood never stops to amaze us, and these expressive sculptural forms of the molded plywood chairs and nesting tables from GJ Collection by Lange Production is another great example. Hard to be believe they were originally designed in 1963, by the renown Danish furniture designer Grete Jalk. The laminated GJ chair look so trendy and up to date. Being quite different from other previous experiments focused on moulded plywood, the Lange’s GJ Collection has impressed us with its sheer technical daring and organic yet elegant effects. The chair is composed of only 2 conjoined … (read more)