AEG OKOKombi Plus washer dryer and OKOMix washing machine

AEG introduces the first ever washer dryer with heat pump technology, the ÖKOKombi Plus, and its most efficient, high performance washing machine ever, the ÖKOMix.

Designed for the most efficient combined washing and drying performance in the world, the ÖKOKombi Plus uses 40% less energy compared to other ‘A’ energy rated washer dryers. It is best in class when it comes to energy and water usage, and the ‘A -40%’ energy rating equates to a saving of up to £70 per year in energy costs alone, compared with an ‘A’ rated model.

In … (read more)

Freestanding Fireplace Boxer Plus from Harrie Leenders

The Boxer Plus fireplace from Harrie Leenders is available in two styles, the original with silver sides or the Boxer Black with anthracite sides. Both, of course, are the high performing fireplaces this manufacturer is known for. In fact, they claim this is the most advanced fireplace they have ever offered with the benefit of 30 years of research and development behind it. (The starting point for this design is their original ‘Boxer’, unveiled in 1980.) Built from 5mm steel, this model has an 80% efficiency rate and … (read more)

Cera Nano and Nano Plus stoves

The elegant Cera Nano features ergonomically formed wooden grip that allows you, despite the compact size, comfortably open the door without bending down. The wooden grip can always be touched without any danger of burning.

The Cera modern stoves have large glass, hidden tight closing ashtray and 5 kW output at 81% efficiency. Comes in black, mocca and grey. Price is approximately € 2,800.

The Nano Plus comes with integrated fire clay battery, built into the stove head part, allowing it to supply warmth up to 2 hours after the … (read more)

Siemens integrated 60cm dishwasher

The 60cm wide Siemens SN56V594EU speedMatic seamlessly integrates into your kitchen cabinets. Rated ‘A+++ -10%’, due to advanced Zeolite technology, TFT display and varioDrawer Plus, this speedMatic dishwasher also offers innovative varioSpeed Plus, washing and drying the dirtiest dishes up to 66% faster, compared to traditional dishwashers.

You will also get an outstanding water efficiency, capped at just 7.0 litres per wash. In addition, Siemens emotionLight provides full illumination of the entire interior, making it easy to load everything quickly and efficiently, including the varioFlex Plus rack and varioDrawer. Previously, wall mounted … (read more)

Oranier Astra Plus steel stove

The modern steel stove from Oranier comfortably heats around 144 m³ of living space and burns 40cm wood logs, producing 7.0 kW heat output at 80% efficiency. The environmentally clean Astra Plus can operate continuously for up to 24 hours.

The precision controlled Oranier steel stove automatically adjusts air when burning wood logs or coal briquettes. The specially designed heat storage helps to keep your dwelling warm up to 10 hours after stove stops burning.

Astra Plus door comes with the Oranier multipoint locking system which prevents the fire door from … (read more)