Piazzetta Qube wood burning stove

This is another aesthetically pleasing compact stove, designed for smaller spaces. Featuring fine, hand made majolica cladding in 6 colours, Piazzetta Qube offers radiant, conduction and natural convection heating for your living quarters, backed by Multifuoco System that brings an optional forced ventilation kit with 4 electronically controlled power levels and LCD remote control.

The Qube comes with a tertiary air system for optimized combustion and high efficiency with low emissions, self-cleaning ceramic glass resistant up to 750°C, enameled steel with grate in cast iron and removable ash drawer for quick cleaning. 9.0 … (read more)

Contemporary pellet stove – Piazzetta Line

Inspired by the sophisticated design of the 1950s, Piazzetta Line is a minimalist contemporary pellet stove that blends perfectly unique aesthetics and modern technology. The stove features Piazzetta 3-speed, forced ventilation Multifuoco System, multifunction remote control with LCD display, programmable thermostat and Multi Comfort function.

This contemporary pellet stove can warm up to 250 cubic meters of your living space and offers up to 8.6 kW in automatically controlled, 4-level heat output at 89% efficiency.

Piazzetta Line is also equipped with humidifier and aroma diffuser. Its cast iron, enameled firebox, large self cleaning … (read more)

Red Stoves by Piazzetta

These red stoves from Piazzetta are hot for more than the obvious reason! This vibrant hue is sure to crank up the heat in any home.

The Stupenda stove takes a classical concept and gives it a contemporary twist, with its rounded red body featuring a star-shaped cut-out above the firebox, which is set behind a charming steel and glass door.

For a more-modern look and feel, the P963 pellet fireplace features an enameled steel body and a cast iron firebox, which you can control using your handy-dandy remote control, offering … (read more)