Philips Pasta Maker – Make Pasta at Home

The Philips Pasta Maker makes fresh homemade pasta in 15 minutes or less. The machine takes care of the mixing and kneading, then automatically senses when to begin extrusion. Four discs are included for a variety of pasta shapes, and with pasta making so easy, you can have fun trying flavorful dough additions such as herbs, spinach and beets.

Makes 1 lb. fresh pasta in 15 minutes or less. Includes four discs for penne, fettuccine, spaghetti and lasagna. Fully automatic operation from mixing to extruding. Automatically senses when extrusion should start. Includes … (read more)

Philips soup maker from Viva Collection

You can prepare all your favorites with this easy to use, 990 Watt Philips soup maker from Viva Collection. The versatile soup maker comes with 5 preset programs, robust stainless steel jar and also works as a regular blender.

You can make fresh, delicious soup, either smooth or chunky in under 20 minutes. Or prepare a refreshing smoothy or a fruit compote. The Philips Viva soup maker has a recipe book for great soup cooking ideas.

You can do both hot and cold blending, and there is Manual Blending function to make … (read more)

Philips meat grinder from Viva Collection

This high performance Philips meat grinder comes with efficient and agile motor, capable of mincing almost 3 kg of meat per minute. A combination of its metal feeding screw, powerful knife, hygienic stainless steel, sturdy, robust motor and innovative 2-sided cleaning tool for fast, effortless cleaning make the HR2727/50 Philips meat grinder from Viva Collection a fine addition to your kitchen tool set.

Available in black and silver, the reliable and durable Philips Viva Collection HR2727/50 meat grinder features 5mm and 8mm grinding discs made of hygienic stainless steel, 12mm and 22mm … (read more)

Philips HomeCooker offers fresh approach to home cooking

The first in the new range of kitchen appliances co-created by Philips and Jamie Oliver, the Philips HomeCooker is a first of its kind, multifunctional device that does the preparation as well as the cooking, meaning you can cook fresh and stay fresh. Enabling you to prepare homemade meals even on your busiest days, the HomeCooker has been specially designed to achieve authentic home cooking with ease. It chops, stirs, steams and sautés and can be left cooking unattended, giving you some quality time back.

Developed to help busy families enjoy more tasty, fresh, … (read more)

Philips air fryer from Viva Collection

The new air fryer from Philips Viva Collection is a perfect fryer for the selective home cooks who want their favorite fried foods significantly less oily than the ones cooked in a regular fryer. The Viva air fryer features Philips Rapid Air technology and unique starfish design on the bottom, allowing for greater circulation of hot air around a metal mesh cooking basket. So very little or no oil at all is required, no matter if you fry, bake or grill.

This Philips air fryer is equipped with integrated timer, allowing you to … (read more)

Philips Senseo Milk Twister milk frother

The 120 milliliter Senseo Milk Twister from Philips is the new milk frother that prepares delicious foamy milk for 2 cappuccinos or latte macchiatos under 2 minutes. With one button operation and non stick coating that leaves no milk residue, the Senseo Milk Twister is simple to operate and clean.

With this fully automatic milk frother, that is ideal complement to Philips Senseo Twist, you can make hot or cold milk froth, or to heat up milk without frothing it. The milk is heated up to just under 70°C to ensure it retains … (read more)