Contemporary pellet stove – Piazzetta Line

Inspired by the sophisticated design of the 1950s, Piazzetta Line is a minimalist contemporary pellet stove that blends perfectly unique aesthetics and modern technology. The stove features Piazzetta 3-speed, forced ventilation Multifuoco System, multifunction remote control with LCD display, programmable thermostat and Multi Comfort function.

This contemporary pellet stove can warm up to 250 cubic meters of your living space and offers up to 8.6 kW in automatically controlled, 4-level heat output at 89% efficiency.

Piazzetta Line is also equipped with humidifier and aroma diffuser. Its cast iron, enameled firebox, large self cleaning … (read more)

Contemporary pellet stove by Waterford Stanley

This highly efficient contemporary pellet stove offers modulating heat output in the range from 3.2 kW to 9.1 kW. Automatic start up cycle, built-in room thermostat and automatic chimney cleaning cycle make operating and maintaining the Fusion from Waterford Stanley a simple task.

Clean lines and compact design of this modern pellet stove, combined with 81% efficiency, clean burning and automatic control, bring warmth and comfort of wood heating as well as modern minimalist look.

Other key features of Fusion contemporary stove include optional remote control thermostat, 7-day programmer, 2 on/off periods … (read more)

Wodtke New Look pellet stoves

Both Wodtke New Look stoves, the FS12 and F9 has over 80% efficiency rate, and are made from a special, high-density fire clay. The stove heat storing modules absorb heat quickly and store it for hours, releasing it gradually. Wodtke New Look stoves also feature 3 windows, affording you with the view of the fires from virtually any spot in your room.

In addition, both FS12 and F9 stoves feature handles with embedded Swarovski crystals. Key technical attributes are Wodtke HiClean filter, 6.0 kW heat output, top quality, double walled steel design and self-locking … (read more)

Modern pellet stoves – Catania and Lucca from Haas + Sohn


Lucca and Catania are ultra modern designer pellet stoves, executed in space saving flat screen format, and compact enough to be installed against a wall, making them ideal for small hallways and foyers. Both versatile pellet burning stoves are also perfect for corners, thus offering maximum flexibility when setting up. having 6 optional flue pipe outlets on the sides, top and back.


With only 80cm wide, 110cm high and 43cm deep – the latter makes these modern pellet stoves 16cm deeper than Wanders Vidra, the space requirements are … (read more)

Wanders Vidra pellet stove brings style and efficiency in smaller living spaces

The highly efficient Vidra is the latest wood pellet stove from Wanders, expected to fit into rather tight spaces. And the slim pellet stove does just that – measuring only 27cm in depth, it just over a meter high, 84cm wide, and comes in red or white shiny finish.

The Wanders Vidra 6 offers 6.0 kW output and 90.5% efficiency, whereas Vidra 9 delivers 9.0 kW at slightly lower 86%. This pellet stove represent a perfect compromise between simplicity, robustness, performance and style. Wanders. Previously, Wanders Pearl and Black Diamond … (read more)

Icona Mirror pellet stove from Caminetti Montegrappa

Caminetti Montegrappa makes modern, highly efficient stoves, both pellet and wood burning. The elegant Icona Mirror comes with advanced forced convection system in simple rectangular sheet-steel body finished in red, black, white or grey with the mirror glass door. You can get Icona as wall mounted stove also.

This pellet stove features Caminetti Automatic Power System that automatically regulates the thermal output to maintain constant heat, according to the actual demand of your room. Once the requested temperature is reached, Icona keeps it as long as needed, avoiding uncomfortable and economically unfavourable … (read more)

Pellet burning stove from Palazzetti

Designed in collaboration with Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, the new Ecofire pellet stove, La Graciosa brings its beautiful form and advanced Palazzetti pellet burning technology into modern European homes. Featuring Agatha hearts and bright colours, La Graciosa is a fully-automatic and programmable pellet burning stove.

La Graciosa evenly and constantly distributes heat through radiation and natural convection. With its rounded lines made in ductile Hot Stone, this pellet stove accumulates the heat and yields a little at a time, pleasantly heating the home even after the stove has turned off. … (read more)

Ecofire hermetic pellet stoves – incredibly efficient


The new Ecofire water heating, hermetic pellet burning stoves from Palazzetti are so Eco friendly, they barely lukewarm to the touch. Your water and home, however, are perfectly hot and cozily warm – due to unprecedented efficiency of the innovative and ecological technology employed by Palazzetti hermetic pellet stoves. Marta for example, offers incredible 15.4 kW total output at almost 95% nominal burning efficiency.


Palazzetti Ecofire Carlotta features 13.5 kW total heat output with efficiency close to 95%. These hermetic pellet stoves are engineered to transfer almost all the … (read more)