Ice Hotel Gets Paris Rooftops Themed Room: How Cool

For 25 years, different artists and designers have created the Ice Hotel. The hotel is located in Jukkasjarvi, a small town in northeastern Norway with 1,000 people and 1,100 dogs. It is constructed in November and part of December and open between December and mid-April, when the ice begins melting back into the Torne River. Although the room count varies from year to year, it is generally in the neighborhood of 65 rooms and suites and between 50,000 and 60,000 people visit each year. And each year, 100 … (read more)

Chic Small Black and White Apartment in Paris

Challenging on one side, the renovation of this small apartment also offered some obvious solutions to Septembre, the architects in charge. This reconverted industrial space is long and thin, with windows on one side only. Thus the spaces had to be distributed in such a way as for most of the rooms to have natural light. Where this was impossible, interior windows have been created in order to bring the generous light from the living area into the other spaces. The open plan living space … (read more)

Collection O Bathroom Faucets from THG Paris

Collection O through Studio Putman combines the creatives of Christofle, the late Andree Putman and THG. The “O” design was originally introduced by Putman for Christofle in 2002 as part of the Vertigo collection but its popularity with modern and contemporary design aficionados has kept this simple yet poignant design feature alive and going strong. The “O” has now been expanded into its own “Collection O” for a beautifully fluid bathroom faucet and tap set that is available in a variety of chrome and gold finishes. This clean lined gooseneck faucet … (read more)

A Dash of Panache in Paris Apartment by Pierre Yovanovitch

Curvaceously Cozy Living Room Has The Wow Factor.
Wrapped in carved and book matched wood slabs – all from the same tree – and then joined with square pegs the back to this curvaceous couch is 1 part furniture, 1 part craftsmanship and 1 part art. The elements to the graining and checking are so intriguing it becomes the focal point of the room even though it is surrounded by other statement pieces. The pair of curvy and tufted occasional chairs continue the flowing lines while … (read more)

Two Story Apartment with a Glass Floor in Paris

Situated in Place de la Madeleine in Paris, this amazing apartment is a really rare thing to find. Ateliers Michael Herman have done an incredible job in bringing back the 200 year-old structure of the building while transforming the place in a complementary living space for a young family. The apartment occupies the top two floors of a residence that used to be made up by 12 maids’ rooms. With archaeological precision, the original limestone walls and oak beams have been brought back to life, and combined with modern … (read more)