For some masterpieces, Picasso used common house paint

For some masterpieces, Picasso used common house paint

It turns out Picasso accomplished more with a can of house paint than most. To create some of his masterpieces, Picasso used a high quality enamel house paint because it was glossy and fast drying and didn’t show brush marks like artists’ paints of the time. Picasso had a tempestuous love life, but when it came to house paint, he was brand loyal.

He liked painting with Ripolin, a ready mixed enamel house paint and the first commercially available … (read more)

Builders’ Show: Sherwin-Williams paint fights odors and mold

Builders’ Show: Sherwin-Williams paint fights odors and mold

Sherwin-Williams ups the ante for greenest paint claims with the unveiling of its reformulated Harmony Interior Paint with “Formaldehyde Reducing Technology,” at the International Builders’ Show. The company claims it’s the first of its kind in the coatings industry.

The new Harmony paint, available in eggshell and flat finishes for $ 49 per gallon, supposedly contains zero volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, in both its base coat and the colorants that are added at the point of purchase. Other paints … (read more)

Green and blue hues are the paint colors of the year

Green and blue hues are the paint colors of the year

Stroll down the produce aisle and you’ll see some of the hues that will be this year’s popular interior paint colors. Apple, asparagus, celery, honeydew, lime and mint are just some of the shades of green that the Paint Quality Institute predicts will be brushed on walls across the nation. The year’s other hot hues are blues ranging in shades from robin’s egg to midnight and any combination of green and blue such as teal and turquoise.

Unlike … (read more)

Arte Puro Sunset firepit

Made from combination of stainless steel and painted steel, the elegant Sunset firepit by Arte Puro makes your patio or garden cozy and inviting. Just sit by and spend those nice evenings with family and friends. The steel firepit weighs only 19kg and measures 80cm in diameter, so you can take it to your favourite beach and enjoy its warmth in the breezy nights by the sea. Price is € 335. 100cm and 120cm diameter Sunset firepits will be available soon.

More from Arte Puro Metallmanufaktur,
Modern fire pit
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A Weber Genesis Grill Makes the Perfect Holiday Gift

If you pool your holiday spending resources and get a grill for the person in your house that does all the grilling you won’t be sorry. Think about it – next Summer you’ll benefit over and over, but they’ll just be happy they have a new grill. This Weber Genesis is quite nice, and only costs about $699.

Features include:

New front mounted control panel; 3 stainless steel burners; individual electronic ignition system; 38,000 BTU per hour input 507-square-inch primary cooking area; 130-square-inch warming rack; 637 square-inch total cooking area Porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates; … (read more)

Maytag Maxima washer and dryer

To power out stubborn stains year round – from the morning coffee to a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at lunch to salsa and nacho cheese at the office party – a washer needs to be up to the tough challenges. Maytag Maxima is the newest front-load laundry line that comes with Maytag Commercial Technology, offers increased capacity and features a PowerWash cycle providing extra cleaning action and a thorough rinse to fight a vast array of holiday stains.

The extra cleaning action loosens stains and ground-in dirt while an internal water heater … (read more)

Sideros wood burning stoves

Tiffany Decorata

The Tiffany Decorata has large grate door for better flame view and easier wood loading. This wood burning stove also features a new and original design and is fitted with die-cast chrome-plated aluminium handles which highlight the contemporary and modern line. Made entirely of cast-iron, enamelled at 800°C for durability and performance. 8.0 kW maximum heat output, 73% burning efficiency.

Baby Erika

Baby Erika is compact, harmonious and functional stove with 8.0 kW high heat output and double combustion in order to guarantee higher efficiency and lower wood consumption. … (read more)

Arte kitchen hood from Gutmann

The 90cm wide Arte has stylish canopy that looks like an abstract painting. Functionally this kitchen hood has 950 m³/h extraction rate, LED and innovative condensation filters. Comes in both island and wall mounted models.

Gutmann Nube floating island hood
Gutmann Futura New Age
Ceiling range hoods