Kalamazoo countertop outdoor pizza oven

Refreshed for 2014, countertop outdoor pizza oven by Kalamazoo heats to 800°F and bakes pizzas in less than 3 minutes. Essentially, you have your very own patio pizzeria. What’s better, a delicious homemade Neapolitan-style pie cooked in about 3 minutes or calling the local pizza place and waiting for a delivery that may take up to an hour?

The redesigned 2014 version of outdoor Artisan Fire Pizza Oven, just unveiled by Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet, offers more power, control and an updated exterior pattern.

Powered by natural gas or liquid propane, the Artisan … (read more)

Simple Outdoor Floor or Hanging Lamps by Martinelli

There is nothing more peaceful then sitting outside on a dark night with the surrounding landscape lit up by the soft glow of simple but beautiful light sources. Trilly is the essence of that description with its clean conical shape and subtle handle void. The translucence of the fixture glows brightly without creating glare and the unexpected orange cable is just the perfect touch of whimsy. The clean lines of Trinity make it the perfect addition to a roof top deck, apartment balcony, poolside terrace, landscaped backyard or … (read more)

Cocoon Beach offers Stylish Outdoor Lounging

Cocoon Tree has created the orb shaped Cocoon Beach as the perfect place to lounge around on a warm sunny day whether beach side, poolside or even in a pastured landscape. Built with a high density T6 aluminum framework that is then woven with waterproof straw and synthetic wire, the sphere comes with two foam mattresses covered with Sunbrella water resistant fabric and two sets of curtains – a blackout inner curtain and a light tulle outer curtain.

At 7.2ft or … (read more)

Outdoor fireplace designs from Fonte Flamme

If you appreciate a beautiful outdoor fireplace, take a look at the designs of Fonte Flamme. All steel construction and elegant shapes make the garden fireplaces a welcome addition to your yard.

Different designs, forms and sizes ensure that you will find a European-styled outdoor fireplace to fit your taste and outdoor decor. Fonte Flamme.

Mobile terrace fireplace
Conmoto Nero garden fireplace
Conmoto Muro outdoor fireplace


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Corian Outdoor Furniture by Avanzini – Leaf

Nature-inspired design with a modern twist gives this Corian outdoor furniture by Avanzini the edge on others! The Leaf line of outdoor furniture was created by architect Giancarlo Zema with folding, leaf-like forms that are soft to the touch and sweet on the eyes for a unique, one-of-a-kind patio, garden or balcony setting. This furniture features a flexible backrest that bends to your body’s curves for a level of comfort that is matched only by its chic look. Available in a range of hot hues like red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and … (read more)

Tube Outdoor Bioethanol Fireplace by Acquaefuoco

The Tube, a bioethanol fireplace by Acquaefuoco Wellness Mood, makes for a beautifully modern outdoor fireplace. Its long tubular shape is elegant and the curvy lines of the opening create interest that mmimic the dance of flames. You can enjoy just one of these wall mounted beauties, or a series of them – either way, it’s sure to enhance the mood of your outdoor space. Of course, Tube looks equally amazing indoors too, if you prefer that. The structure is made of a powder varnished steel tube and a circular burner. See more … (read more)

Lighted Outdoor Furniture by Avanzini – Bright Woods

A magical outdoor atmosphere is easy to achieve with this collection of lighted outdoor furniture by Italian company Avanzini. The Bright Woods collection pretty much speaks for itself – a line of wood seating, coffee and side tables, each illuminated in a range of cool colors for a whimsical garden, backyard or patio. Created by designer Giancarlo Zema, the Bright furniture collection boasts smooth, soft shapes that are as inviting to use as they are pleasing to look at. Between the wood’s rings, illuminated layers of resin provide a funky flash of pink, … (read more)

Universal Outdoor Furniture – adaptable furniture Kuboletto by Milano Bedding

Think of it as the Rubik Cube of outdoor furniture. This adaptable furniture line, dubbed Kuboletto, is made by Italian company Milano Bedding, and can take a multitude of shapes in order to fit your furnishing needs. Brightening up outdoor living spaces in orange, white, grey, black and green, the Kuboletto is a puzzle that’s waiting to be transformed into endless seating and sleeping arrangements. But this universal outdoor furniture won’t leave you scratching your head in confusion – the adaptable Kuboletto changes easily, whether you’re looking for a bed, chaise lounger, sofa, … (read more)