Free Head wall hoods from Oranier

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There are several nice looking Free Head wall hoods by Oranier with angled glass and steel design. Equipped with remote control, these Kopffrei range hoods offer performance and functionality, in addition to serving as beautiful decoration pieces.


Depending on the model, the Free Head wall hoods from Oranier are available in 90, 75 or 60 cm widths with black or white glass tilted canopy, allowing you a free head movement anywhere around the cooling area. The hoods feature 2 or 3 bright 35 W halogen lamps, 7-segment … (read more)

Oranier Arkona wood burning oven

The elegant Oranier Arkona brings the best what contemporary wood burning stoves have to offer to the most demanding and educated consumers of today. This sleek, round wood burning stove comes with Oranier clean burning technology, 24-hour continuous operation, over 80% efficiency and special heat-retaining WärmePLUS stone insert.

Producing 7.0 kW output, Arkona heats approximately 140 m³, while its multi point fire door locking system withstands high temperatures, ensuring the door holds straight and tightly sealed to protect stable airflow and quality of combustion.

This stove is also suitable for installation in … (read more)

Solid fuel stove cookers by Oranier

The feel of nostalgia for good old times will disappear when you add a solid fuel stove cooker from Oranier to your home appliances. These modern solid fuel stoves serve both as cookers and heaters.

You can keep warm between 120 and 150 m³, depending on your particular solid fuel cooker. Prices range between € 900 and € 1,200. Oranier.

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Classica wood … (read more)

Oranier Artemis Vertiko oven

At 78%, Oranier Artemis Vertiko isn’t among the most efficient Oranier wood burning ovens, but it certainly makes up in design and looks.

The sleekly built 6.0 kW wood burning oven features two massive natural stone elements with stainless insert and large rectangular window that allows you to enjoy a spectacular view of hot flames. Oranier Artemis Vertiko is designed to use outside air that is led directly into the oven combustion chamber. Price is around € 2,100. Previously, Arkona wood burning stove from Oranier.

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Oranier Astra Plus steel stove

The modern steel stove from Oranier comfortably heats around 144 m³ of living space and burns 40cm wood logs, producing 7.0 kW heat output at 80% efficiency. The environmentally clean Astra Plus can operate continuously for up to 24 hours.

The precision controlled Oranier steel stove automatically adjusts air when burning wood logs or coal briquettes. The specially designed heat storage helps to keep your dwelling warm up to 10 hours after stove stops burning.

Astra Plus door comes with the Oranier multipoint locking system which prevents the fire door from … (read more)