AEG ducted Eco range hood switches to recirculation mode

The new eco friendly range hood combines exhaust and recirculation modes, thanks to AEG variable ventilation function, which lets you switch the hood fan between outside exhaust and recirculation, depending on the environment in your kitchen.

The new AEG range hood has 2 separate channel. In the summer, you can get the smells and the warmer air outside with the exhaust function, while in the winter, the air stays in the room, purified using the recirculation mode through active carbon filters.

The new Eco hood features brushless motor, reducing energy consumption by 60%. The … (read more)

Here’s our two cents on Samsung’s microwaves with Eco Mode

Here’s our two cents on Samsung’s microwaves with Eco Mode

It sounds like the job of a superhero. Help save the environment! How? By using the Eco Mode feature on Samsung’s over-the-range microwaves. The manufacturer’s green claim got the experts at Consumer Reports wondering how much energy Eco Mode would save you. Here’s what we found.

The claims. “Use Eco Mode and help save the environment, power as well as money,” according to Samsung’s website, adding that standby power is reduced. Lowe’s sells Samsung microwaves and its site simply … (read more)